What do the Healthiest Slimmest Longest Living People Eat?

What do the healthiest slimmest longest living people in the world eat? It’s not just the food that makes one healthy, its lifestyle, too. Food is important, but it’s how one lives his life that matters just as much as eating healthy food. Happiness makes one live longer. Unhappiness will shorten our lives. Many things in life are simply common sense.

If you are the unlucky one in twenty people, nightshade vegetables may bother you. If you are their victim, (of painful swelling inflammation) they say that once you stop eating them you will feel better. But, if things don’t improve, all you have to do is begin eating them again. The problem could be something else you are eating or from not eating a more nutritious diet.

In some regions (like Okinawa) where they have been known to be trimmer, eat healthier and live longer, they (mostly, the younger generation who have reduced their intake of their traditional foods) have succumbed to eating more refined and processed foods just like us Americans. And, unfortunately, statistics show their health is now more like ours. You might want to consider eating a diet like the Seventh Day Adventists recommend. Studies show they are amongst the healthiest longest living people.

Wondering what I eat and don’t?

  • Fruit in the morning, afternoon and night
  • Pinto beans with salsa for lunch and dinner and large green salads with seeds and nuts sprinkled on top
  • Sometimes I eat tofu with bean sprouts, spinach, kale, onions, mushrooms and celery fried in a pan without oil
  • I use miso or soy sauce as flavoring
  • I like eating a hearty vegetable soup with beans and many vegetables
  • I don’t eat junk and snack food including bread, pasta, cookies, chips, crackers and tortillas, etc.
  • I never use oil and sugar
  • I do use a little salt and spices
  • I don’t eat animal products like meat, dairy and eggs

I have noticed there is a common thread which runs through all the foods the healthiest people on the planet eat. That is, that the food consumed most is ‘whole’. Mainly, plant-based whole food. It’s lower calorie and higher fiber. And, they use a very small percentage of animal products, sugar, salt and oil. They also don’t eat snack and junk food.

All around the world, millions eat sweet potatoes and yams. They both contain more nutrients than white rice and russet potatoes. But, personally, I don’t like eating them. Nevertheless, I think potatoes and rice are higher on the glycemic scale. Blood sugar highs and lows over time are not healthy.

I get my ‘simple carbs’ from fruit, which is much easier for the body to assimilate. ‘Resistant starches’ (beans) tend to feed healthy gut bacteria. But, don’t fear eating fruit, because it has fiber which slows absorption of fructose into the blood stream. You only have to watch out for fructose or HFCS when it is an added ingredient in soda pop, refined and processed foods.

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.


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