How I lost 50 Pounds in a Nutshell

I thought I’d put down how I lost 50 pounds in a nutshell. In a few words, you lose weight eating real food, plant-based whole food. This is the healthiest way I know of to lose weight. I mean, we don’t want to lose weight in an unhealthy way, because there are plenty of skinny sick people.

How I lost weight was eating unrefined unprocessed foods. Basically, I ate whole fruits and vegetables and shied away from snack and junk foods like chips, cookies and candy.

I also avoided fatty foods. I didn’t have a hard time quitting drinking soft drinks. I liked them more when younger, but for some reason when I got older, they didn’t taste that good to me anymore.

‘A new study adds to the evidence that eating red meat on a regular basis may shorten your lifespan [1]’.

I hit a few snags trying to lose weight, but eventually succeeded. My weakness was chips and tortillas, especially corn. I got stuck at about 185 pounds and stayed there until I figured out I needed to cut way back on refined carbs like boxed cereals, bags of chips and corn and flour tortillas.

Once you begin losing weight, you also discover you start feeling better and better the more weight you lose. Sure, we all want to look better, but it’s not worth it if you aren’t feeling good, have more energy, get stronger and become healthier as a result of losing weight.

I also wouldn’t exactly say I was a vegetarian, because vegetarians eat things like candy bars, soft drinks and bags of chips. Yet, at some point, I didn’t want to bring any more harm to animals. And, when you use any animal products you do. The more I didn’t eat meat, the more it just didn’t taste right.

And, I have a great love for animals as it is, so I don’t really want them killed anymore so I can eat them. They haven’t caused me any harm, so why should I harm them? Anyway, that’s how I think about it these days. My conscience doesn’t bother me as much and I feel I am much better off not consuming the bad cholesterol present in all animal products.

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Website Title National Institutes of Health
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Date Accessed October 20, 2018

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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