Is Exercise or Eating Healthy Better?

This is a good question, but the answer may be obvious to some and not others. Both of course, have their place. Is Exercise or Eating Healthy Better? In my opinion, I believe what you eat is more important because you can have health problems even if you are a body builder.

Assumed, world class athletes eat healthier than the average person. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to perform at the higher levels they do. But, imagine if everyone ate plant based whole food. I believe you wouldn’t even recognize our health care system anymore. It would almost certainly go bankrupt unless it made a few vital changes.

And, the changes would be toward educating the public to get healthier and stay that way through a proper diet. Now, that’s not what they do because there’s no money in in making us healthier. Sadly, where they make their real money is when we are dying in the hospital.

We, like the great apes were designed to eat plant based food. We are also almost exactly the same genetically. Of course, we don’t eat leaves like they do, so instead, we eat green salads.

‘Providing group-based nutrition education along with exercise likely outweighs the costs of health consequences that come from untreated obesity, assuming these changes can be sustained over the long-term [1].’

You know, when I don’t eat right, like on the holidays and my birthday, I don’t even feel like exercising let alone do anything around the house at all. When you get older, you can’t get away with eating like a fourteen year old anymore. Junk and snack foods are simply out of the question if you want to achieve and hold onto your current state of good health.

So, actually, eating healthy goes hand in hand with exercise and doing routine household chores. But, I don’t exercise vigorously. I mean, I do stay active around the house these days because I am fixing it up to sell. I do work out in my garage with lighter weights and do easy aerobic exercise.

I would say that doing things around the house everyday involves different muscles than running on a treadmill or working out with free weights. I get out in the sun and walk. I place more value on getting things done at home rather than pumping iron. But, that’s me. You may be different, and that’s OK.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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