Losing Weight: Are We Feeling Better or Not?

Losing weight may save our lives, but if we don’t feel better in the process, it’s no good. Yes, we want to be healthier, like lowering our blood pressure so we are not as prone to have heart attacks or stroke, but we want to feel more energetic and generally feel better. Right? Of course, we do.

Additionally, we don’t want to get cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or any number of diseases, ailments and conditions. How we eat will determine the quality of life we live. Of course, eating healthy is not a cure-all. We need mental and physical activity, family, work we enjoy doing, hobbies and special interests and a social life.

So, say we lose our weight we wanted but we still aren’t feeling so good. How do we know what the problem is? First, we should see our doctor. But, what if that doesn’t turn up anything? If that happens, we may want to change physicians to one who is a holistic practitioner.

Life in general is not easy. There’s always a challenge (or, something going wrong.) So, basically we cannot afford to have a negative attitude. We have to hope for the best and focus on the positive rather than what’s wrong in our lives. It seems the more you focus on what’s wrong, the more wrong it brings. Positivity is the only reasonable choice.

We can’t control everything in life. The outcome of any circumstance or situation may be totally out of our control and we may simply have to deal with it or live with it even though we may have had nothing to do with causing it to happen in the first place.

I noticed something about centenarians that stuck in my mind. It seemed they had a philosophy of life. That they took things in stride seeming to look at things in a positive light.

They didn’t give up, they were friendly and had things they did that they looked forward to doing. They even had a few bad habits and ate a some wrong things. They didn’t seek perfection.

They were flexible in their outlook toward life. No matter what our age, situation or circumstance we are in, it is a wise idea to recognize wisdom when we see it and learn from our elders. We can learn lessons from anyone if we have an ear to listen. Even a child can teach us valuable insights.

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