Where do I Shop and what Foods do I buy?

Glad you asked. Where do I shop for Groceries and what do I buy? I shop at Stater Brothers® and also Sprouts®. Here’s my expose. These days, I buy mostly from the produce section of both these stores. I think Sprouts has more produce than Stater Bros. does. So, there tends to be more selection.

Sprouts has Boca® soy crumbles, so I get it there. It’s lower fat than the other crumbles like Stater’s has. Matter of fact, Boca is a non fat soy product unlike other brands who add fat. I put it in my refried bean burritos for added flavor and texture. It might not be the healthiest choice, though. I am still testing it on me. I buy very few processed or refined foods. But, I do use salt and pepper and other spices.

What’s in Steven’s Cupboards and Refer

  • I use Himalayan pink salt
  • I get my organic roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds at Sprouts, because Stater’s doesn’t have them
  • I get my burrito tortillas at Stater’s because they are cheaper there
  • Hunt’s® spaghetti sauce in small cans for my spiral zucchini
  • Mixed salad bags plus boxes of spinach from either store
  • I buy 5lb. bags of pinto beans at Costco®
  • I get organic rice from Stater’s because it’s cheaper
  • I buy my organic white potatoes from Sprouts because they are bigger
  • I buy produce that looks the freshest, be it from Sprouts or Stater’s
  • In other words, if the bananas don’t look as good in one store, I simply go to the other
  • I order loose leaf green Japanese tea online from Shizentea.com
  • How to use the nutrition facts label, here.

Now, my grocery bill is lower than it used to be. The kids flew out of the nest and I also don’t buy alcohol, anymore. I wonder if the drinking had a connection to helping raise my wife’s kids? Hum… It wasn’t exactly without trying stressful moments, that’s for sure. I used to drink until I started getting Gout attacks, so I stopped doing so.

‘Make your calories count. Look at the calories on the label and note where the calories are coming from (fat, protein, or carbohydrates). Compare them with nutrients (like vitamins and minerals) to decide whether the food is a healthy choice.[1 nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/wecan/eat-right/smart-food-shopping.htm].’

I also buy very little meat. The wife still eats some meat and I do occasionally, but I don’t get the craving near like I used to. I think I bought my last bottle of B12 off of Ebay®. Got a better deal there than from the other stores. Take your B12 if you are a vegetarian. I shop around for nearly everything I buy. We are retired, so every dollar counts on a fixed income.

I buy smaller cartons of unsweetened Westsoy® soy milk from Sprouts, because Stater’s carries only half gallons. I don’t want to drink soy milk by the glass and I’m not into buying almond or rice milk. I use soy milk for my brown rice at night with a little maple syrup and sprinkle a few seeds if I get hungry. Otherwise, I just eat fruit.

Source- 1 URL nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/wecan/eat-right/smart-food-shopping.htm
Website Title National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Article Title Food Shopping Tips, Eat Right
Date Accessed October 30, 2018

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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