Changing from Bad to Healthy Food: Overcoming the Barriers

Why does ‘Bad’ Food taste so good? I wonder if we just fooled ourselves or if it really does taste that good at all. It’s all in what you are used to eating. Habit, tradition and culture.

I noticed since I stopped eating meat and when I do happen to eat some again, (birthday, holidays, etc.) it just doesn’t taste as good as I remember. Once you start eating healthier, I think our taste buds change their preferences over time.

As with other things in life, what you like doing may not actually be that good for you to continue doing for the long-term. And, food is up there in the top ten. But, you may not want to totally stop eating it.

With temptation all around us this might not be something you can do or even want to do. It’s all up to us in life because the ball is always in our court. It’s our choice.

‘Add variety and stay motivated:
Mix up your routine with new physical activities and goals, physical activity buddies, foods, recipes, and rewards [1]’.

But, if we are unhealthy and overweight, it could be time to change our lifestyles before our health suffers and our lives take a downward spiral.

If we don’t want to start taking medications and going to the doctor for this and that, it would be a good idea to begin developing a healthier food mind-set. And, this is a plant-based whole food diet.

Tips for fighting bad food cravings

  • When you crave sweets like candy or soda pop, eat fruit or make a smoothie
  • When you want greasy salty potato chips or other snacks, try making your own healthier ones, here
  • If you want salt and something fatty, make a green salad and top it with an avocado, seeds and nuts and a dash or two of salt
  • If you are wanting carbohydrates, fry a potato or eat a bean burrito

The data is in. It has been proven eating this way makes you lose weight, will make you healthier and live longer. Prevention of ailments, conditions and disease is better than waiting until it happens. We don’t want a heart attack, stroke, cancer or diabetes, right?

Sometimes, willpower isn’t enough. Believe me, I fall to temptation once in a while. It’s simply human nature. We are all fallible. But, when you fall off that horse, you get back on and keep riding.

No secret to it. Don’t give up, that’s all. Try and try again and keep on trying. You can’t succeed if you quit. And, you will stay the course once you find things you love eating. Recipes, here.

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Date Published May 01, 2017
Date Accessed November 01, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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