Is Processed Soy (Fake Meat or Textured Soy Protein) Good for You?

I have heard that traditional soy products which are naturally fermented like tofu, miso, soy sauce and tempeh are better for you than processed soy like the fake or phony meat.

For example, I have been experimenting with crumbled soy meat in my burritos lately. This may not be so good for you. I am having doubts about its healthfulness. So, I did some checking.

I have heard not to use much of the traditional soy products, either. In Asian nations, soy use is usually no more than about a 5% of daily calorie intake.

This amounts to a very small portion of ones diet. Asians who stuck with their traditional diet (instead of eating more fast food) eat mostly rice with an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Food processing can dramatically perturb the composition of soy products by altering nutrient and antinutrient content; moreover, artificial compounds from processing may also occur [1]’.

It appears there could be health damaging side effects to consuming soy based foods. Eating them, even in small amounts may increase risk of…

  • Cancer
  • Cause thyroid problems
  • Impair the immune system
  • Affect brain function
  • Cause bone loss
  • Damage reproductive organs

This doesn’t sound too good. Are we willing to take that chance eating processed soy? Soy is very fatty and protein rich unprocessed. Even more fat is added to some fake meat products.

Asians eat traditional fermented soy products all their lives, but do so in small amounts. They also seem to be slimmer, healthier and live longer.

It might be a good idea to eat traditional soy products in smaller amounts as with nuts, seeds, avocados and olives, which also have a lot of fat.

To play it safe, processed soy should probably not be consumed at all. I think I can eat my burritos with refried beans, rice and salsa without the crumbled soy from now on.

As of now, my testing continues with crumbled soy in my burritos and in future posts I will likely reveal my verdict.

Yet, as a rule of thumb, it is usually often best health strategy avoiding refined and processed food, sticking to whole organic plant based food.

‘If you just have to eat soy, eat the pods called Edamame which you can steam, boil or microwave’ ~ your author

Fruits and vegetables have precisely the right amounts of fat and protein (exceptions are of course nuts, seeds and avocados, etc..)

Source- 1 URL
Website Title Nutrients
Publication Month January
Publication Year 2018 Date Accessed November 04, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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