Health Benefits of Smoothies Made with Japanese Green Tea

Me and my wife drink one to two green smoothies every day. I did research on health benefits and found ingredients that may help to improve your vision. We are getting up there in the years and feel drinking or eating something healthy that brings tangible results is well worth the effort.

‘It is increasingly appreciated that tea contains polyphenols and other components that may reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and diabetes. More recently, the beneficial properties associated with daily consumption of green tea are getting better recognized. Particularly interesting are the studies which report that green tea reduces the risk of cancer, which is the major cause of mortality throughout the world. It has become increasingly clear that tea acts as a chemopreventive agent against a wide range of cancers [1]’.

You might want to read Can Drinking Green Smoothies Improve Poor Vision? When I do a page, if appropriate, instead of my opinion alone, I cite government research to back up the article theme.

‘Instead of drinking something sweet that isn’t healthy, why not make a Japanese green tea smoothie? It satisfies the sweet tooth while providing nutrition and that certain ‘kick’ this lower  source of caffeine provides…’ ~ your author

I feel Japanese green tea has a few health benefits. I have written another article Benefits of green tea: Is it Healthier than Coffee?

You know, I really like drinking something hot in the morning and look forward to a freshly made cup of it every single day. It gets me going and keeps me going while somehow I also think it has a few therapeutic qualities.

‘I know that drinking anything with caffeine is not necessarily health promoting, but from what I’ve read, Japanese green tea has a few health benefits associated with drinking it on a daily basis’ ~ your author

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US National Library of Medicine
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Article Tea and Health: Studies in Humans
Date Published June 12, 2014

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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