In the Beginning Fruit was our Staple Food (it still is)

I forget exactly when I decided to become a vegetarian or how long I have been one. But, things just got reaffirmed about why I eat the way I do. I had dabbled in it for years, but didn’t make the firm commitment until about twenty years ago.

I have been reading about what kind of diet our bodies were designed to eat and what we shouldn’t eat and why, and I came to the conclusion I was feeling tired lately because I have been eating too much protein, fat and too many of the wrong carbs.

For example, I get drained when I eat puffed rice cereal with soy milk. Some things you think are healthy don’t give you energy. They pull you down. You have to read the ingredients.

‘Since our Beginning, Fruit was our Staple Food. How do I know? We are almost exactly the same genetically as the great apes. What do they eat? Fruits and vegetables. What happens when you feed them what we eat? They sicken and die just like what’s happening to us’ ~ your author

I guess I did a little review because I started not feeling as good as I remembered. My energy level dropped really low. My feet were dragging. I have been feeling like I am in my twenties for a number of years now, but lately I haven’t been feeling up to par.

I guess my diet slipped, and it will happen to you, too, once you decide to eat healthier. It happens in subtle ways over time. Then, you may discover you are slipping. But, as I found out today, all it needed to get back on tract within the same day was to tweak it a little adding a particular fruit.

‘Focus on Fruits
Eating fruit provides health benefits. People who eat more vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy eating style are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases [1]’.

I have renewed faith in drinking smoothies now, because me and my wife make our own special green one. It’s supposed to be good for what ails you plus an added benefit for improving eyesight.

She puts pineapple in the blender to sweeten it up. That’s when I had a suggestion because I knew another fruit was even sweeter.

Snack suggestion for more simple carb energy…

  • Eat grapes
  • Cut up an apple
  • USDA Choose My Plate suggested requirement for fruit is about two cups a day and vegetables is 2 and a 1/2

I suggested we put a few green grapes in it to sweeten it up more. I felt too much pineapple can be bad for your teeth because of its acidity. But, grapes are so sweet. So, I tried ‘eating’ a handful and was amazed at how it made me feel. Simple carbs was exactly what I needed.

And then, what I did was eat the whole bunch on the vine (about 40.) I felt energized right away. I had my answer right then and there as to what I was born to predominately eat.

Lately, due to experimentation with how certain foods make me feel, I realized I have been eating too much protein in the form of beans and soy lately, too many flour tortillas and salty fatty olives. I believe all of these together in the amounts I have eaten have thrown my metabolism off tract. It has really slowed me down quite a bit.

‘But, as soon as I ate grapes, after probably about a cup of them, I started feeling its energy. I was energized’ ~ your author

My lack of energy was due to not eating enough ‘simple carbohydrates’ throughout the day. I haven’t always liked grapes, but for some reason I am really attracted to the sweetness and wholesomeness of them. By that, I think it natural we seek out sweet things to eat like fruit more so than vegetables which usually aren’t so sweet.

Fruit sugar is what we’ve been designed to run on. It’s our fuel. Simple carbs are easier for the body to assimilate than complex carbs. And, we don’t actually need a whole lot of protein each day (In my estimation, not over about 10%) or resistant starch like in beans, rice and potatoes.

‘In my opinion, different food pyramids show we may need more of one food over another. But, it seems to me fruits and vegetables should be the predominant plant based whole food with more fruit than vegetable eaten. As far as grains go, fruits and vegetables offer more nutrition. Vegetable oils or cooking oils should be zero as they are empty calorie and not beneficial to our cardiovascular system. Seeds, nuts and avocados should be eaten at a bare minimum. Animal products of any kind should not be eaten at all. As far as legumes like beans and lentils go, I would keep it very low because they have a lot of protein. Actually, fruits and vegetables have everything we need to survive and thrive. You might want to take a B12 once in a while if you decide to go completely vegetarian’ ~ your author

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Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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