Criteria for Choosing Foods for Weight Loss and Better Health

In the beginning, you will want to choose the healthiest foods from what you are eating now. Change can be good or bad, but most of us don’t like it. We get set in our ways and like the routine.

But, once we see we must change our ways or keep suffering, that then becomes a different story. If we are in pain and don’t know it’s our food that caused it, we need to start learning which foods to eat and not.

There is a learning curve to this. It’s like taking a ride on a roller coaster. There are ups and downs to it. But, you keep riding and eventually you see the right way to go according to your body metabolism.

‘Healthy Eating Tips
Limit snacks that do not have any nutritional benefits, such as cookies, cakes, chips, or candy. These should not be “everyday” treats [1]’.

Certain foods are good for you, but not in great amounts. For example, me and my wife love cashews. But, when we eat too many, they don’t love us back.

What to keep an eye on for weight loss and improved health…

  • Limit or stop eating refined and processed foods altogether (I make most everything myself because bad foods make me gain weight, feel poorly and are not nutritious)
  • Lectin will cause body aches and pains as well as other things not so good (eat small amounts of nuts and seeds)
  • Too many fats, oils, sugar and salt is not a good thing
  • Nutritional quality of food you eat is paramount
  • Foods which raise blood sugar too fast need to be replaced with plant based whole foods
  • Severely limit or exclude junk and snack foods entirely because they are empty calorie

Source- 1 URL
Website Title MedlinePlus
Article Title Managing your weight with healthy eating : MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
Date Accessed December 17, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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