Battle of the Will: Healthy Food Benefits or Bad Food Consequences?

We all know bad food tastes good. Who doesn’t like ice cream? Who doesn’t like hamburgers, fries and pizza? Everyone knows these are not health foods. They are considered comfort foods. Of course, I still like these, but don’t eat them because I know they cause ailments, conditions (weight gain) and disease.

Here’s a valid question: Does healthy food taste good? Not always. Why? Our taste buds need time to adapt to eating healthier food.

There’s someone in our family that was hospitalized. This was so striking to me, I will never forget. I was really disappointed. Before I entered the room I saw this beautiful green healthy salad sitting outside the door on the food cart. I thought it was going to be brought into the room, but instead it was ready to get picked up and thrown in the trash.

Guess who it belonged to? The relative of ours who was in the hospital bed had them take it away. What her husband ordered were cheese enchiladas and brownies, instead. I am positive how they ate was responsible for her being in the hospital in the first place.

Based upon what I observed and have been told about how they eat, I doubt they eat fruits and vegetables at all. Unfortunately, I am sure there is nothing I can say to them about it. A year or two before her hospital stay, the wife asked me how I ate because I think she must have at least been slightly curious how I got so healthy and trim.

‘In conclusion, in a large American cohort, we found that vegetarian dietary patterns were associated with lower mortality. The evidence that vegetarian diets, or similar diets with reduced meat consumption, may be associated with a lower risk of death should be considered carefully by individuals as they make dietary choices and by those offering dietary guidance [1].’

I explained in detail to her how I ate and she looked at me like a ‘deer in the headlights’. A total blank stare. It simply didn’t register with her that eating mainly raw fruits and vegetables would cure anything. I understand. If you do eat like nature intended you are within the one percent who do.

It’s upsetting when you can look at how someone eats and know their food is responsible for their disease and their minds are not open to changing their ways regardless of the evidence.

When one is born into a culture or society, he accepts it as his own. He doesn’t buck the system. He eats foods that are customarily eaten. If he is lucky, he eats foods that are healthy. For example, there are people who are healthier and live longer than Americans do. Traditionally, Okinawan people are long lived while another in Loma Linda, Ca. are  seventh day Adventists.

You see it all the time. When I go to the store, all I have to do is look at the person and then at the food they put in their shopping cart to know what is causing their health problem and what they should eat instead to cure it.

I see people with tons of meat, a whole cart full of liters of soft drinks devoid of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. It’s really sad when it’s so easy to become trim, healthy and live longer. It’s all about the food.

Source- 1 URL US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Vegetarian Dietary Patterns and Mortality in Adventist Health Study 2 2014 Oct 9

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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