My Wife Improved Her Eyesight Drinking Her Daily Green Smoothie

I started doing research into what could improve eyesight. I discovered health giving ingredients to make ourselves a daily green smoothie. We drink this every day.

In years past, I used to make a juice drink everyday, but don’t now. Why? Because I lost faith in drinking raw vegetable juices and smoothies years ago. Yet, it was interesting to note that when I stopped drinking both of them, I didn’t feel as good health wise.

At the time, I didn’t realize how essential eating plant-based whole food was in conjunction with drinking raw juices and smoothies. In other words, I ate junk food, too.

I discovered you can’t eat or drink just a little bad stuff, and counteract its effects with the good. You have to go all good to attain vibrant health.

I used to own a juicing site, but decided to close it down because I came to the conclusion that plant-based whole foods improved health better. I had to be true to myself. I felt we needed the whole food, not just part of it like when you juice and discard the fiber. Fiber is an essential nutrient our bodies cannot do without.

‘This study indicates that consumption of green leafy vegetables is associated with a slower rate of cognitive decline in older adults, possibly due to the neuroprotective actions of specific nutrients. As research continues, the researchers suggest that adding a daily serving of green leafy vegetables to one’s diet may contribute to brain health [1]’.

I think I miscalculated slightly when I gave up drinking my smoothies. The smoothie has the whole fruit and vegetable in it, although it has been beaten with stainless steel blades pulverizing it.

Although, we have teeth to chew our food like it was meant to be, I currently believe smoothies, depending upon the ingredients can be a valid supplement to improving ones health.

Drinking smoothies does not by any means replace eating plant-based whole food. I have hand-picked certain vegetables because I have found them more ‘nutrient dense’ than others. For example, I have chosen Power Greens as my top choices for leafy greens.

*Official weight loss blogging green smoothie recipe, here.

Source- 1 URL
Website Title National Institute on Aging
Article Title Leafy greens linked with slower age-related cognitive decline
Date Accessed December 26, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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