Should we eat Soy or Not?

I have been wrestling around with the question about whether to eat soy or not for quite a while. I have been going back and forth on this issue. For example, I have been using soy crumbles in my tacos and burritos.

It gives it that meaty flavor and texture we all seem to crave after being meat eaters for so long, then going vegetarian. I eat little to no meat anymore, except for the holidays where I will eat a tiny piece of turkey.

For me, meat doesn’t taste right. It has a funny aftertaste I don’t like. The longer you go without animal products the stranger they will taste to you. Your taste buds change.

‘How Much Do We Know?

Although there have been many studies on soy products, there are still uncertainties about soy’s health effects [1]’.

I always go by how food makes me feel. And, I can’t say soy makes me feel any better but suspect it isn’t as healthy to eat as they’d like me to think.

Asians have been eating soy products for quite a long time, but their soy is fermented, such as tofu and miso. I believe these to be OK, except to eat them in small quantities because of the higher fat content. Nevertheless, the Japanese have a high life expectancy.

‘Soy products are used for menopausal symptoms, bone health, improving memory, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels [2]’.

In the early 1970’s soy came into the health food picture. It was trendy and seemed to me a relatively new thing. Food from the health food store used to taste really bad. But, now most have improved in taste.

If you remember in the 70’s they mixed soy in with hamburger when it jumped up in price like adding chicory to ground coffee, you are old like me!

I have heard isoflavones in soy products are compounds that have effects in the body similar to those of the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, use your own judgement and listen to how your body feels after eating something.

‘If you just have to eat soy, eat the pods called Edamame which you can steam, boil or microwave’ ~ your author

To be safe, I would eat fermented over processed soy products. And, similarly to nuts, seeds, avocados and olives, I would try to eat these all in smaller amounts because of the fat content.

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Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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