Why Sweeten Oatmeal with Apple and Banana Slices instead of Sugar and Honey?

In my search for better health, weight loss and longevity I found out what they’ve said about refined sugar to be truer than I believed. How can something sweet that tastes as good as sugar be harmful? Well, it is as far as it affects me. It’s a sweet poison I must live without.

It’s amazing to me how much of what we buy at the store is loaded with sugar. I couldn’t believe wheat tortillas had sugar. Also, salsa does, but it doesn’t say so on the label. It shows it has concentrated tomatoes and tomato paste. I believe they add sugar to this. That’s why I switched to from regular red salsa to green tomatillo. Wherever you look, its sugar, sugar, sugar, everywhere in everything you eat. I have to say a resounding ‘NO’ and put an end to it.

I know it hurts my teeth. I felt the sugar at work when I ate my daily burrito with its wheat tortilla. Gummy food that has sugar sticks to your teeth. Cavities, yes. Furthermore, so many people are taking medications and going to the doctor for this and that, a diet review must be considered.

‘Excessive consumption of added sugars in the human diet has been associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes (T2D), coronary heart disease (CHD) and other elements of the metabolic syndrome. Recent studies have shown that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a critical pathway to metabolic syndrome. This model assesses the health and economic benefits of interventions aimed at reducing intake of added sugars [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5577881/]’.

Recently, I began scrutinizing all labels. You also have to know sugar is called by so many names it will make your head spin. The only thing I could do to avoid it was to make all my own food myself from scratch.

I really think sugar was one of many hidden problems in my diet that was making me feel terrible all the time. Of course, added oils were, too. They caused me inflammation. If you feel achy all the time, your joints and bones hurt, you might want to consider an elimination diet supervised by your doctor.

I make my oatmeal with banana and apple slices. Easy and sweet enough. I buy the quick cook oatmeal in the tall round tube, but not in the individual bags that have a lot of sugar and flavorings. I used to put lots of honey and white sugar on it, but not anymore. I don’t use milk. I use soy milk without added oils and sugar. Sugar is hidden so well within what we eat, we must read every label to successfully cut it out of our lives…

I quit buying processed, refined and junk and snack food. Go into your cupboards and toss out all that ‘bad food’ in the trash. If you keep it, it will tempt you to eat it when you get those ‘cravings’. If it’s not there you can’t eat the wrong thing, right? It’s not too hard to make your meals yourself. Get the big reward of weight-loss, improved health and longer life. All you need are healthier recipes.

Source- 1 URL ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5577881/ Health and economic benefits of reducing sugar intake in the USA, including effects via non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a microsimulation model Published online 2017 Aug 3

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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