Will Eating Starchy Food Make You Fat?

I know I keep bringing up starch. It’s because I keep wondering if eating starchy foods is healthy for us humans. I really want to know for sure if it’s really good for me or not. But, which foods are the good starchy foods?

For example, there are tubers like potatoes, grains and legumes like beans that contain starch. I eat a fried potato with beans in the morning and it keeps me satiated until I get hungry again, sometimes way after lunchtime. If eating this way keeps me fuller longer, then plant-based starchy whole foods is a good thing, right?

‘resistant starch may influence body weight by increasing energy expenditure or fat oxidation. It has been proposed that replacing rapidly digestible starch with resistant starch may promote fat mobilization as the result of a reduction in insulin secretion [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3823506/’.

I have to monitor how food makes me feel. This is what I rely on. For breakfast, lately I have been eating potatoes with beans. This might seem a little ‘off-key’ as far as beans for breakfast goes, but it tends to stick to my ribs for more hours than just eating loads of fruit.

When I was losing weight, what worked for me was choosing plant-based whole food over anything processed and refined. For example, eat corn on the cob over corn tortillas, oatmeal over bread, zucchini squash over spaghetti, and a green smoothie over fruit juice and soft drinks. I have found that eating whole intact fruits and vegetables (even starchy ones) is what trimmed me down and keeps me that way ~ your author

Fruit doesn’t satiate me all the time by itself. Sometimes, I get hungry soon after I eat fruit. For lunch I eat a green salad with seeds on top and beans and basmati rice with a green tomatillo salsa.

‘The combination of literature reviewed in this paper, suggesting potential beneficial effects of intake of starches, especially those containing slowly-digestible and resistant starches, and potential detrimental effects of high intakes of fructose, support the intake of whole grains, legumes and vegetables [2 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3257742/]’.

Later in the day or at night, I eat organic red grapes for their sweetness when I get that sweet tooth or need a burst of energy. As a sweetener, I put them in my oatmeal instead of using honey or sugar.

When I eat oatmeal I use an organic unsweetened soy milk that doesn’t have added oils. I have found I feel healthier and have much more energy without using white sugar and honey. But, if you are like me, you won’t eat too much oatmeal, as it tends to cause acid reflux.

When I got stuck at 185 lbs. I was eating lots of chips, crackers and tortillas. Here’s why I believe it kept the pounds on. Somehow, because of the increased surface area of the grain which is turned to powder by refinement makes you gain weight when you eat too much of it. But, when I stopped eating these or cut my intake of them way down and ate largely whole food again like potatoes, rice and beans instead,  I began to steadily lose weight down to my current weight of 158 lbs.. It is automatically maintained by eating plant based whole food. Never tiny portions. I eat all I want of it and never go hungry ~ your author

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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