Eating Real Food to get Really Healthy

I have found through my own research the healthiest longest living people don’t eat like kings and queens. They eat simple diets that are high in carbs, low in fats and protein.

Sadly, this is unlike how most us Americans eat. We feast everyday like the royalty of past gone years. And, unfortunately, this brings us a variety of physical ills, shortens our lives leading eventually to disease and finally an untimely death. In other words, we weren’t designed to eat the large amount of animal products and fats. Basically, these are our two worst dietary enemies.

‘I eat a higher carb diet low in protein and fat. I eat all I want and never go hungry. No tiny portions. It’s really great eating this way. You simply have to eat primarily plant based whole foods’ ~ your author

I believe a high carb diet low in protein and fat has kept me out of the doctor’s office and increased my lifespan. How do I know this? Through my own trial and error by how I felt according to what I ate while doing it.

Anyone can change (or, at least modify) their diet at anytime. But, old habits usually die very hard. I had good reason to change. I was tired of being overweight and not having any energy. I felt I was on the verge of having a heart attack. I knew it was time for a radical change in my eating behavior.

‘Choose more complex carbs. Eat more complex carbs, like starches and fiber. These are found in whole-grain breads, cereals, starchy vegetables, and legumes [1]’.

I had searched for years, but you won’t find the truth on TV. Why? They make a lot of money on advertisements from unhealthy food. The junk and snack food and pharmaceutical industry has all the big money.

Furthermore, your doctor won’t likely agree that the food you eat can actually cure what’s been ailing you. They may simply tell you that the food you eat has nothing to do with your health and well-being. This couldn’t be more untrue.

But, if you look around on the internet, you will soon find many doctors you might have never heard of who have proven a plant based whole food diet heals. So, what kind of diet is the healthiest? In my humble opinion, it’s the one I have adopted…

What I eat everyday…

  • High carb diet including potatoes, rice and beans
  • I avoid refined grains (like bread, cold cereals, flour, pastries, tortillas, cookies and chips, etc.)
  • I don’t use oil
  • Don’t eat any animal products like meat, dairy and eggs
  • Some fruit, but not a huge amount daily
  • I eat salads and cooked and steamed vegetables
  • I don’t eat out
  • My highest protein is in beans (I don’t eat more than a cup of pinto beans)
  • I make everything I eat from scratch
  • I buy organic plant based whole foods
  • Did you know that the healthiest cultures living the longest usually eat around 70% carbohydrate diets?

‘All too many of us vegetarians and vegans eat too much fat, protein and not enough complex carbohydrates’ ~ your author

Source- 1 URL
Website Title National Institutes of Health
Article Title Physical Wellness Toolkit
Date Published January 18, 2019
Date Accessed January 21, 2019

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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