6 Things to do to Lose Weight and Get Healthier

There are more than six things to do to lose weight and get healthier, but if these 6 things are done, it will be much easier to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

I lost fifty pounds eating differently, but also as a bonus began feeling better and got healthier in the process. I had ups and downs along the way, but once I discovered hidden things I was doing wrong and corrected them, I immediately started getting results.

6 things you can stop eating right now to lose more weight and get healthier

  • Meat or animal products (no meat, chicken, fish, dairy and eggs)
  • No cooking oil and fats like olive oil on salads (also, limit avocados, seeds and nuts)
  • Refined grain products like eating bread, chips, crackers, tortillas, pastries, cold cereal, etc.
  • No more sweets like candy bars, refined sugar and fructose (soft drinks and even fruit juices. Do though limit your green smoothies to no more one a day)
  • Stop eating out at restaurants and take out
  • Cease snacks and junk food (you have to clear them all out of your refrigerator and cupboards and make sure you never go to the store hungry. Eat first before you go)

You will stumble trying to do all of the above at once. I know i did. But, my stumbling block was eating too many tortilla chips, crackers, cookies and bread. This is because I was hungry all the time. You can’t lose weight and starve. You need a certain amount of calories to function and you also need wholesome food.

‘Traditionally, healthful diets and lifestyles have been examined only in relation to single nutrients, foods, or food groups in terms of dietary exposure. An alternative approach is to conceptualize an index based on vegetarian food pyramid guidelines as a measure of overall diet and lifestyle quality [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5986422/]’.

If you don’t get enough calories your body will be in a starvation mode. The way I fixed this was to eat more of different foods than I was used to. You must give up calorie dense foods like meat, dairy and oils to begin with. But, you will likely have trouble doing so because food habits are hard to break. So, you have to find substitutes until you can completely give the bad foods up for good.

For example, you can try eating soy substitutes for meat or grain patties for your hamburgers. You could cook Portobello mushrooms on the BBQ, too. For dairy, you could use soy cheeses or drink soy milk.

But, you have to watch how much you eat and drink of these because soy products tend to be loaded with fat. And, the fat you eat is the fat you are gonna wear. Oil will cause you pain and discomfort because of inflammation.

The most important thing you can do is fill yourself up and feel satiated and the only way I know to do so is to eat carbohydrate rich foods like potatoes and rice (you will be hungry if you eat simple carbohydrate like fruit alone.)

Starchy foods like potatoes and rice have resistant starch. Eating these tends to keep your energy level up for hours without being tempted to eat the wrong foods (we all love) like greasy oily salty sugary snacks.

There are salad dressings with no oil, but it’s better to make your own without all the extra sugar and salt they tend to add to make up for the loss of flavor. That’s what I do. I cook and prepare all my own food from scratch.

Here’s plenty of recipes to get started on. It’s the only way you can control what’s in your food. You make it yourself. It’s fun, filling, satisfying and delicious. It’s the only sensible thing to do. It’s called eating plant-based whole food.

Source- 1 URL ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/
Website Title Current neurology and neuroscience reports.
Article Title National Center for Biotechnology Information
Date Accessed February 03, 2019

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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