Health & Weight Loss: The Short Version

Go and try to find a diet you can eat all you want of. You see diet programs on TV all the time. But, from what I can see of them, they are not healthy. Those foods are processed and refined and not plant-based whole food.

I say, if you are going to do something, why not try to do it the right way? There really aren’t any shortcuts to weight loss and health except by eating the real food we were meant to eat.

‘Remember that a calorie is always a calorie whether it comes from fat or carbohydrate. Reducing fat and saturated fat in your family’s diet is important to maintaining heart health and reducing calories. However, fat-free or reduced-fat food choices aren’t always low in calories. They can be high in sugar or other nutrients that increase calories [1]’.

Guidelines I use to eat everyday…

  • I don’t use any oil
  • I limit eating seeds, nuts and avocados
  • I don’t worry about getting enough protein. All plant-based foods have adequate protein
  • I don’t use any animal products like meat, dairy and eggs. None
  • I don’t take vitamin and mineral supplements except for a ‘Methylcobalamin’ B12 pill
  • I drink a green smoothie every day, but do not juice
  • I don’t eat anything that’s processed and refined like frozen dinners, oil, sugar, flour, eating out at restaurants, pasta, bread, crackers, snack and junk foods, etc.
  •  I ‘do’ eat plenty of potatoes, rice, beans and salsa, green salad, steamed or cooked vegetables like kale and spinach, berries like blackberries, cantaloupe and strawberries, sautéed onions and mushrooms, small amounts of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, homemade vegetable soups, seaweed snacks, burritos wrapped with romaine lettuce leaves and hummus with celery sticks or on potatoes

The only problem I have had when trying to lose weight was craving refined carbohydrate foods like bread, cold cereals, chips, crackers and tortillas, etc.. When I stopped eating these, I got back on tract losing weight consistently.

But, I also was hungry all the time when I didn’t eat enough of the right carbohydrate foods. So, what I did was up my potatoes, rice and beans.

But, if you have a sweet tooth, don’t fall into the trap of eating too much fruit. You could develop a problem with triglycerides so you might want to additionally avoid drinking fruit juice, using honey and maple syrup as sweeteners.

Another good reason to stop eating gummy sticky things is protecting your teeth from tooth decay or cavities. That’s why I no longer eat refined carbohydrate food like bread, spaghetti, jams or jellies, all sweeteners and dried fruit.

Source- 1 URL
Website TitleNational Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Article TitleLimit Fat and Sugar, Eat Right
Date AccessedMarch 23, 2019

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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