USDA Choose My Plate Guidelines: Why Eating ‘Less’ Fruit May Be Healthiest

It may not be as healthy as you might think for fruitarians or those eating endless fruit each day. I know we need calories, but you can get long lasting energy and satisfaction eating starchy foods like beans, rice, potatoes, squash while reducing fruit intake.

As triglycerides rise, blood cholesterol will often rise too. If you are having trouble reducing your cholesterol and triglycerides, you might need to eliminate refined flour products and simple sugars (like bread, chips, tortillas, cookies, crackers, sugary drinks and snack and junk food.)

But, it has been noted fiber in fruit has a protective effect in that it tends to prevent fructose from being absorbed into the blood stream too quickly. Yet, eating more fruit isn’t necessarily healthier.

‘The USDA only recommends adults eat approximately 2 cups of fruit a day for people 50 and older. There must be a reason’ ~ your author

Even fruit and fruit juices must be limited because they contain large amounts of fructose, which causes a greater rise in triglycerides and cholesterol than any other kind of sugar.

Humans have made fruit larger and sweeter through hybridization. Fruit thousands of years ago wasn’t like that. I know sugar from fruit is natural, but why does the USDA My Plate recommend limiting fruits and vegetables we eat each day? I think we can go overboard on fruit if we are not careful. Researched and verified guidelines just like goals are valuable.

Fruitarians (who may eat only fruit) can develop health problems because they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals out of their fruits. They need to eat vegetables (especially green like broccoli and kale) too to provide everything they need nutritionally.

For example, they might be lacking in vitamins B12, A, D, zinc, and certain essential fatty acids because are not eating enough vegetables. You take B12 as a supplement pill in low doses when you don’t eat animal products.

‘Given the substantial consumption of fructose in our diet, mainly from sweetened beverages, sweet snacks, and cereal products with added sugar, and the fact that fructose is an entirely dispensable nutrient, it appears sound to limit consumption of sugar as part of any weight loss program and in individuals at high risk of developing metabolic diseases [1]’.

An exclusive fruit diet like fruitarians eat may accelerate tooth decay, osteoporosis, deterioration of muscles, unhealthy weight loss, becoming chronically fatigued, having skin problems, losing ones own hair, brittle nails also bringing about undesirable changes in mood.

Too much fruit in ones diet may cause problems with the hormones that regulate blood sugar. This hormonal imbalance can lead to developing cardiovascular disease and more.

Currently, I eat lower sugar fruits like blackberries and strawberries. I also avoid drinking fruit juice, eating too many grapes but never dried fruit particularly because it causes cavities. I do still drink a daily green smoothie.

In conclusion, I noticed I feel much better eating no more than 2 cups of fruit daily recommend by the USDA My Plate for my age group. Pay attention to how food makes you feel. Trust your body. Observe how you feel after you eat especially if what you eat makes you feel ‘tired’. You can create your new eating plan, here.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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