Why ‘Oldest’ People Don’t Need To Exercise

People who live the longest don’t necessarily exercise. But, I have noticed they stay busy physically and mentally. They do what they do naturally, what they love doing.

So, it isn’t necessarily essential working out with weights or doing a certain discipline, exercise or routine to thrive. Personally, although I do exercise, I predominantly do things around the house that take only moderate energy to perform. This includes any household chores like fixing the plumbing or painting, etc..

‘The children of people who lived to 100 years or more are generally a model of healthy aging, with lower mortality and lower prevalence of chronic diseases than other members of their birth cohort. In this study, researchers led by Dr. Thomas T. Perls of the Boston University Medical Center found that such offspring are more extraverted and less neurotic than other members of their birth cohort [1 nia.nih.gov/news/personality-factor-longevity-and-healthy-aging]’.

I mow my own lawn and trim my own trees. I need to do stuff like that, maybe it’s a guy thing? I don’t know. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment which makes me feel good after all the chores are done. But, they never end…

Currently, I’m fixing up the house to sell. Right now, I am painting the fascia boards and next replacing all the blinds. But, we still haven’t decided where we are moving to. Our final choice rests between two states. When we move, I am sure I will be talking about it quite a lot.

There was a retired heart surgeon (Dr. Ellsworth Wareham) living in Loma Linda, Ca. In his nineties, he still was mowing his own lawn. I think that’s really cool. He also built his own fence. I think that’s admirable. I look forward to doing things like that when I reach his age. Unfortunately, I read, he died at age 104.

What’s interesting to note is that some centenarians around the world don’t eat the perfect diet. But, ‘all of them’ are outgoing, friendly, personable, have social and family connections and a very good outlook toward life.

To conclude, I have learned positive thoughts are the essential ingredient to good health, weight loss and longevity just as well as eating a plant based whole food diet Continued.

Source- 1 URL nia.nih.gov/news/personality-factor-longevity-and-healthy-aging
Website Title National Institute on Aging
Article Title Personality a factor in longevity and healthy aging
Date Accessed April 27, 2019

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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