Love Olives And Their Virgin Oil? Both Can Cause Painful Inflammation

What is an inflammation? I still get it from time to time when I slip and eat the wrong foods. It even happens eating totally ‘vegetarian foods’.  A good example is eating olives which I still absolutely love. But, now I know for sure I cannot have them in my diet…

I ate a few green olives with pimentos the other day and my foot got inflamed. It swelled up and I had a hard time getting around limping. It put me out of commission doing much around the house.

‘When a wound swells up, turns red and hurts, it may be a sign of inflammation. Very generally speaking, inflammation is the body’s immune system’s response to an irritant [1]’.

Fortunately, it cleared up enough in days ahead so I could put on my shoes and do my regular chores and errands around town. I ate berries and grapes which are known to help reduce swelling associated with inflammation (cherries may work, too.) I had to take a few pain pills at night, which helped somewhat. I also get occasional chills with that kind of pain.

Inflammation went throughout my whole body, even affecting my moods. It carries through your blood stream, even affecting your brain. Logic dictates if it affects areas of your body, your brain is not safe. Inflammation hurts. Bad. But, it can be avoided if you are really sharp on knowing what ingredients are in the foods you eat.

‘Different foods I used to eat caused inflammation. When I located the problem food and stopped eating it, the inflammation gradually went away and I healed. But, when you let your guard down and don’t pay attention you can trick yourself into eating the wrong food’ ~ your author

For example, olive oil is very inflammatory and terrible on your cardiovascular system no matter what olive oil lovers say. But, what’s in olives, too? Yes, olive oil is. That’s where olive oil comes from. It’s what inflamed me. But, this didn’t cross my mind as I ate those tasty olives.

‘It is becoming more evident that inflammation plays an important role in the metabolic consequences of obesity, as well as other chronic degenerative conditions [2]’.

When you eliminate what’s causing the inflammation, it usually goes away although it might take more time than we’d like. I was lucky this time the bout was so short. I have had episodes of inflammation lasting months just from eating a single meal.

For example, we went out to eat Italian food a few years ago. I had eggplant parmesan instead of veal. Soon after I ate, inflammation arrived. I forgot Italian food is made with huge amounts of olive oil. That meal cost me pain for a month. Consequences.

‘By way of contrast, in the United States, we ignore CVD inception initiated by progressive endothelial injury, inflammatory oxidative stress, decreased nitric oxide production, foam cell formation, diminished endothelial progenitor cell production and development of plaque that may rupture and cause myocardial infarction or stroke. This series of events is primarily set in motion, and worsened, by the Western diet, which consists of added oils, dairy, meat, fish, fowl, and sugary foods and drinks—all of which injure endothelial function after ingestion, making food a major, if not the major cause of CAD [3]’.

To conclude, green and black olives are loaded with fat (olive oil) and because they are both processed can cause inflammation. Oleic acid, an ingredient therein, releases lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from the gut into the bloodstream. The more LPS present in your blood, the higher the inflammation. If you can do it, avoiding all processed and refined foods is an excellent strategy for best health, weight loss and longer life.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

2 thoughts on “Love Olives And Their Virgin Oil? Both Can Cause Painful Inflammation

  1. Your blog is well written, but the evidence I have read is the opposite of what you have posted. If I were in your spot I would get check for an allergy to olives. Keep going in the right direction.


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