Saving Your Teeth Without Fluoride: Which ‘Bad Sugars And Carbs’ To Get Rid Of Now

Along with all refined sugar drinks and food, I stopped using real maple syrup and uncooked unfiltered raw honey because they caused inflammation and cavities. I researched my options for a substitute sweetener. One was Stevia.

You might think whole fruit jam is OK, but if you read the ingredients closely you’d likely find fruit juice and fruit concentrates. Sure, it has whole fruit, but what of all the other ingredients? There’s an awful lot of sugar called by other names in that jar or squeeze bottle.

“Different germs play a part creating cavities. Usually, it’s the strain of bacteria named ‘streptococcus mutans’ producing the abrasive acid as they feed on sugar and carbohydrates (the gummy carbs that ‘stick to’ our teeth.) Eventually, the acid will eat holes. The cavity process speeds up when drinking acidic sugary sodas and snacking on junk foods throughout the day” ~ your author

I stopped using jelly and jam because many have fructose, which is corn syrup. Your body doesn’t know what to do with it except turn it into fat. This fat is potentially bad for the liver, heart and arteries. And, I don’t think it matters if it’s organic jam or jelly. Even if it doesn’t contain fructose, what’s the point of eating it? It still has a boatload of sugar.

‘The bacteria that cause tooth decay live in complex communities called biofilms. Great strides have been made in learning how the bacteria communicate with one another within this biofilm. By jamming the communication signals among the bacteria, it may be possible one day to disrupt the biofilm and end the threat of tooth decay [1]”.

If you want to save your teeth you must train yourself to eat fruit when you get that ‘sweet tooth’ day and night. If you get hungry after dinner try berries in brown rice, and soy milk with Stevia. Berries like blackberries, blueberries and strawberries have less sugar than bananas.

‘Although, I am not a dentist or dental hygienist, what I have learned recently through my own research is to use a water flosser regularly. We want to prevent infection under the gums and between teeth. I add salt, baking soda and drops of 10% Poseidon iodine solution until the water turns brownish. It seems to kill those dangerous germs starting in the mouth which travel throughout the body potentially causing all kinds of havoc’ ~ your author

Aside from these sticking to the teeth, I avoid all refined grain products because I feel they are not as health promoting. This means crackers, cookies and chips, etc.. I also don’t do dried fruit because it sticks to the teeth.

‘Once you stop eating sugary junk and other acidic food you no longer are helping your dentist become rich off you by drilling thereby destroying your precious teeth that were meant to last a lifetime’ ~ your author

Additionally, I also ceased using a fluoride toothpaste because I discovered it is a poison. Should we also drink fluoridated water? If you bathe in it, it is absorbed into the skin. I would consider moving to where they don’t add it to your water supply. There are many toothpastes you can buy that don’t have fluoride.

We know that radiation treatment kills cancer cells, but the good are also sacrificed. In other words, do we brush our teeth with ‘arsenic’ because it kills germs? Want To Help Save Your Teeth? What To Avoid Eating and Drinking Immediately.

Why not get rid of the source of cavities. Kill the bacteria!

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Website Title National Institutes of Health
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Date Accessed May 05, 2019

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. Additionally, you might want to consult a holistic or biologic dentist.

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