‘3’ Simple Things I Stopped And My Health Got Even Better

I knew I was on to something when I lost fifty pounds. I simplified my diet eating basic foods. It is not complicated and I am positive anyone who eats plant based whole food will stay trim, retain their health and live longer.

I admit sometimes I miss hamburgers and pizza, etc.. And, when a birthday or holiday comes along, the ‘traditional’ food no longer tastes like it used to. When you eat healthier your taste buds will adjust to the new food and prefer it to the old.

I know if I returned to the way I used to eat, my health would suffer. I don’t miss all the aches and pains caused by inflammation. I also don’t get the cold or flu anymore. Knock on wood!

If I gained my fifty pounds back, I know I would be prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, increased chance of stroke, cancer, diabetes and a shortened lifespan.

‘Pick your favorite staple foods that fill you up, repeat and you will always leave the dinner table full, satisfied and happy. I always look forward to my meals. Always. Never a dull time eating’ ~ your author

Recently, I learned there were three things I needed to get out of my life…

  • First, I threw my fluoride toothpaste in the trash and bought a tube of non-fluoride peppermint Tom’s®
  • Second, I stopped eating rice because it has arsenic
  • Third, I no longer eat any grains at all (like wheat, corn, barley, rye, quinoa, millet and any others)

A final note on fluoride: I visited the Environmental Working Group (EWG) online entering my zip code. I found out my water was not fluoridated. Fortunately, I live in one of the few places it isn’t. You really don’t want to brush your teeth, shower or swim in it (fluoride is absorbed in the skin.) More on fluoride, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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