Fluoride In Our Water And Toothpaste: A Toxin Our Teeth And Bodies Are Healthier Without?

I stopped using fluoride toothpaste decades ago. Why? Because I discovered it’s poisonous to our bodies. Unfortunately, I still had cavities and felt that what I had learned was a bunch of mumbo jumbo and I began using fluoride toothpaste once more.

But, come to find out recently, it wasn’t a bunch of malarkey. I learned there were certain bacteria in our mouths that are ‘swimmers’ that needed to be ‘killed’ because they were at fault causing cavities. I didn’t know this complete ‘formula’ until I watched YouTube® videos. I had only been using peroxide and baking soda in my water flosser for years.

‘Furthermore, it’s also been said by many dental professionals that mercury fillings leak into your blood stream and should be replaced with composites’ ~ your author

I believe it’s worth the time to a look at these two videos below and make your own mind up about whether or not to keep brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water. Fortunately, in my city, they don’t fluoridate my drinking water supply.

I now follow the recommendations fully explained in the video directly below by Dr. Kennedy. He is the Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Watch ‘Recipe for oral health’ and decide for yourself if it makes sense to you or not. All I know is my teeth almost instantly felt better after this ‘do it yourself’ treatment. My teeth are no longer sensitive to cold like they were.

You might want to do further research about the pros and cons of fluoride on your own. But, in the meantime, obviously, you should avoid eating and drinking refined sugar products. We do know that sugar is one thing that feeds germs that damage our teeth.

Also, what I discovered was refined grain snack and junk foods like crackers and cookies (because they are so gummy) stick to our teeth and feed bacteria that cause cavities similar to refined sugar.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have thinning hair. I discovered fluoride and arsenic (I stopped eating rice because it has arsenic) can cause hair loss. I am not sure if it’s my imagination or not, but it seems my hair is growing back in the bald spot on the back of my head.

If this is actually true, I think that’s great! Bring on the hair! Or, in my case, it could just be some ‘wishful thinking’ on my behalf. We’ll see for sure as time goes on… More about teeth.

Note- before you change your diet consult your family physician. If you have problems with your teeth, you might consider consulting a biological dentist.

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