Simple Foods I Eat Everyday And Never Tire Of (And, Other Health Tips)

Below is my usual daily diet with a few tips I have learned along the way for best health. I lost 50 pounds eating this way and also got healthier. You know, you can’t believe everything you read or see on the internet and TV. You just have to try to weed out all the misinformation somehow.

  •  Breakfast: Pinto beans with ‘no oil’ fried potatoes with sautéed onions, mushrooms and red peppers
  •  Blackberries, grapes, strawberries, blueberries
  •  Berries between meals as a snack
  •  Lunch: Pinto beans with salsa and a hydroponic butter lettuce salad, seeds, with my own mustard dressing
  •  Dinner: Boiled skinned potatoes with steamed broccoli, green peas, green and red enchilada sauce
  •  My special green smoothie
  •  Japanese green tea throughout the day
  • Take a Methylcobalamin B12
  •  I use Himalayan pink salt and sea salt (they both have essential minerals that have been removed in regular salt)
  •  No fluoride toothpaste or fluoridated water
  •  No rice because of arsenic
  •  Eat no grains
  •  Eat seaweed snack
  •  Drink filtered water, but also let plain tap water sit and let it aerate
  •  Don’t eat only organic because some fruits and vegetables are just as clean

Although fruits and vegetables have more nutrition than others, I am not so sure we need to eat the most nutritious. I think if we can eat a few different varieties that would be better. For example, kale is one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetable. But, I feel romaine lettuce is as good a choice.

The poor much maligned potato has been overlooked for its nutrition, and it does have essential nutrients like B 6, magnesium, copper, potassium, manganese, phosphorous, B 3, pantothenic acid, fiber (also, a nutrient) and vitamin C. I eat these everyday. So, don’t underestimate the nutrition in the white russet potato.

Now, I boil them and remove their skins because baking can create acrylamide. One medium potato is slightly over 150 calories. I never use butter and sour cream. This is where you will take in way too many calories causing potential damage to your cardiovascular system.

Always try to eat a green salad each day, but put onions and some seeds on it, too. But, watch the dressings, as they usually have too much sugar and refined oil. What I do is make mine oil and sugar free. Check out a few recipes, here for your salads.

Don’t forget to eat your beans or lentils. They are filling, have lots of fiber and it’s where you can get the good protein! Potatoes and beans are my favorite staple foods that fill me up and make me feel full and satisfied for hours. I may eat my breakfast at 10 AM or so, and will not be hungry again until about 3 or 4 PM with plenty of energy to spare!

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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