Health Conscious Reasons To Keep ‘GMO’ (Genetically Modified) Food Off Your Plate

It seems that whenever you let your guard down, some other kind of health destroying dilemma comes along. Now, it’s GMO’s (genetically modified organism.) This means it’s genetically engineered food. Why would anyone want to eat something where there’s a chance you could find out it causes cancer or some other dreadful ailment, condition or disease years from now?

‘I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to take a chance on GMO foods. Do you trust a big corporation to look after your health over their own interests and profits’? ~ your author

Furthermore, do you trust that when our government says something is healthy to eat, it actually is? Do you want to have a family physician who is not a holistic practitioner who has little to no training about what healthy food is? I’m sorry, but I believe we need to start thinking for ourselves and do our own research. After all, it’s our lives we are talking about here.

‘Genetic modification is a special set of gene technology that alters the genetic machinery of such living organisms as animals, plants or microorganisms. Combining genes from different organisms is known as recombinant DNA technology and the resulting organism is said to be ‘Genetically modified (GM)’, ‘Genetically engineered’ or ‘Transgenic’ [1].

Anymore, I want the research and the facts presented by an agency that is not biased or beholden to special interests. So, what do you do about it if you want to avoid all GMO foods? Here’s what I found out…

  • I told you I don’t eat any grain, use refined oils or any soy products
  • These are notorious for GMO’s especially if they are an ingredient in processed food (example: granola bar)
  • You have to be sure to read your labels very closely
  • I think that if it doesn’t say organic or GMO free, you must assume it isn’t. But, organic usually means no GMO’s
  • Buy organic at your store if they carry it or if you have a local farmer’s market, shop there for your produce
  • Did you know that over 60 countries require if something is GMO, it has to be labeled as such?
  • As of right now, it isn’t required here in the ‘good old’ USA. As far as I know, it’s voluntary. Therefore, only buy foods labeled ‘GMO free’ if you want to be sure
  • Choose cooking from scratch and don’t buy processed or refined foods. This is what I do. It’s the only way to know for certain what’s in the food you eat
  • You could get a green thumb and learn how to grow your own food in a garden. It’s easy to grow lettuce, squash, spices like basil, cucumbers and tomatoes!
  • Start keeping a daily journal about the food you eat and how you feel. It’s what I do

‘Although it is argued that small differences between GM and non-GM crops have little biological meaning, it is opined that most GM and parental line crops fall short of the definition of substantial equivalence. In any case, we need novel methods and concepts to probe into the compositional, nutritional, toxicological and metabolic differences between GM and conventional crops and into the safety of the genetic techniques used in developing GM crops if we want to put this technology on a proper scientific foundation and allay the fears of the general public [2]’.

Source- 1 and 2 URL
Website Title Journal of food science and technology
Publication Month December
Publication Year 2013
Article Title Genetically modified foods: safety, risks and public concerns-a review
Date Accessed May 23, 2019

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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