‘Something’ Told Me Stop Eating Rice! (why I listened)

You know, I have learned that when you get that feeling something isn’t quite right, it probably isn’t. Why is this so? You get a quiet ‘hint’ down in your ‘gut’. That’s why ‘intuition’ is sometimes called your ‘gut feeling’.

I have learned to listen to it. It’s a very small quiet voice that often gets overpowered by the louder thoughts in our mind. But, you have to learn to hear it when it speaks. For example, I knew there was something wrong about eating rice. My joints and muscles ached and I couldn’t figure out why! I was determined to solve it…

I knew rice had arsenic and I was eating quite a bit of it. But, I thought that was OK being it seemed all the so called health authorities said rice was healthy to eat. Now, I thought, how could this be if it had arsenic in it? Furthermore, how could any amount in your body be good? My gut feeling was trying to tell me to stop eating it.

And, finally, I ‘listened’ when I ruled out everything else I was eating that could be the culprit. But, there was no other unhealthy ingredient because nothing else I was eating had arsenic (the king of poisons.)

‘The arsenic levels in U.S. rice “are possibly cause for concern,” says John Duxbury, a soil chemist at Cornell University [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1892142/]’.

I gave rice chance after chance. I even ate California grown rice because it is known as one having the least arsenic in it. But, again, the question remained. Was any amount of arsenic a good thing to put into my body? And, the answer had to be a resounding ‘NO’.

The other day I heard that small voice again. It told me I should start eating ‘kale’ (I do use it in my green smoothie every day. But, eating kale is better than just adding some to a smoothie.) I usually boil it for about five minutes until tender. It is one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables one can eat. So, I did it and felt healthier within an hour after eating it.

Your gut feeling is there to guide you, even protect you against danger no matter what form it takes. When you ignore it disaster can happen. So, learn to recognize its voice when it speaks. It won’t be loud. It is very subtle. But, it’s always right and it can save your life. Trust in it. It was given to us for a very definite purpose. It’s called survival.

Source- 1

Website Title Environmental health perspectives
Publication Month June
Publication Year 2007
Article Title U.S. rice serves up arsenic
Date Accessed May 24, 2019

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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