Learning To Listen To Your ‘Gut’ (Intuition) For Better Physical and Mental Health

I have learned to listen to my ‘hunches’ I feel in my gut. This is intuition. If you are intuitive about things in life like some of us naturally are, you will do better than you would otherwise. Trusting your gut can actually save your life. That’s what it was made for.

So, if we learn to listen to it above all the chatter the mind spills out on us, we can save ourselves from many dangers making right decisions. For, if we don’t heed what it is trying to tell us, we can suffer disastrous life consequences!

When you have a health dilemma, your intuition can guide you to a solution. Many times I have asked for answers and been led to the next step leading to another eventually to that thing I needed to know.

I have read many health and self help books through the years. Unfortunately, some have been misleading. Just because you hear something on TV, read it in a book or find it on the internet doesn’t mean it applies to you or is even true.

You have to weigh the information against if it ‘feels’ right or not. There’s a lot of half truths out there you hear. And, the media shows advertisements for products over and over that have an ‘ounce of truth’ if any so they make their money.

If we hear something said enough times, it eventually appears to be true. For example, we don’t need to eat any animal products no matter how many times they say we need that type of protein.

Sometimes, it’s hard to take the leap believing what your intuition is trying to tell you. But, you must listen. That gut feeling comes along without proof. And, what you have to do is believe in yourself first over what the ‘outside world’ keeps drilling in your head repeatedly.

Never doubt you. That’s the problem. Obey your gut feelings without proof. You must. Believe in you and how you feel and you will never go wrong. Once you accept this, you will be OK in whatever you pursue in life.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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