Cutting Down On Hidden Health Destroyers: Added Salt, Sugar And Oil

I’m no different than anyone else when tempted eating foods I know I shouldn’t. This is despite knowing snack and junk foods are responsible for creating ailments, conditions and diseases. We all have our reasons or justifications buying unhealthy foods like on holidays, birthdays and special occasions. Who doesn’t like chips and dip?

‘Obesity is a medical problem a doctor should handle’ ~ your author

I was fifty pounds overweight a few years ago and lost it eating plant based whole food. I cook everything from scratch so I know there aren’t any ingredients in it I shouldn’t have. If you want to get healthier, lose weight and live longer, we need to avoid too much salt, avoiding sugar and oil altogether.

When a food has added sugar, salt and oil, it’s processed or refined. You can get rid of it or eat it and learn your lesson. And, be sure you don’t go to the store hungry because chances increase you will buy what you know you shouldn’t.

‘To prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, Americans should eat less sugar, saturated fat, and sodium (from salt).[1]’.

At the store, it’s easy to lose your willpower when you see all those snacks when hungry. All the bad stuff is stacked up and packaged so pretty. Be sure you eat a good meal before you go. When I go to the store hungry I almost always bring a bad snack home.

It has happened to me many times. We all love unhealthy foods like pizzas, hamburgers and fries. It’s the American tradition. I was brought up on them eating that way for many decades. I am surprised I survived.

The problem with food

  •  How do you get rid of added sugar, salt and oil?
  •  Answer: Don’t buy anything processed or refined
  •  That means if it comes in a package, can or box, pass it up
  •  Be your own chef, learn to cook everything from scratch, it’s not that hard. There is a learning curve, but you can do it. Your life depends upon it

When you buy fruits and vegetables from your produce section of the market, you know there isn’t anything added to it. Yet, it’s everywhere else in the store like the frozen food section, and anything canned or packaged.

There are plenty of recipes on this site to get you started eating right. You never have to starve, just pick out things you like and keep repeating. What saved me was I love beans and potatoes. I add something green like kale or broccoli with it. Salads are a good thing, too. Add seeds, onions and celery on top. Use a ‘no oil’ salad dressing!

Source- 1 URL
Website Title National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Article Title New dietary guidelines urge Americans to eat less added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium
Date Accessed May 24, 2019

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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