Why Eat ‘Sprouted’, Not Refined Grain?

I did my tests eating grain and came to a conclusion through taking notes about how I felt, weighing evidence for and against. But, it’s so easy to forget and fall back eating something you know you shouldn’t. I always loved eating anything made from grain. This includes cereal, bread, crackers, tortillas, snack and junk food.

But, once you know something affects your body wrongly, it’s in your lap to do something about it. If you don’t, at least you know what you are eating is not healthy. I have listed the many reasons I stopped eating all ‘refined’ grain products below.

You might be experiencing some of the same symptoms when eating regular bread and cereal. Every grain has its own name for its gluten. This goes for the alternative grains used to replace wheat such as corn, millet and all the others. Did you know you can get tested by your doctor for allergic reaction to each individual grain?

‘Wheat is one of the most consumed cereal grains worldwide and makes up a substantial part of the human diet. Although government-supported dietary guidelines in Europe and the U.S.A advise individuals to eat adequate amounts of (whole) grain products per day, cereal grains contain “anti-nutrients,” such as wheat gluten and wheat lectin, that in humans can elicit dysfunction and disease [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3705319/]’.

Are refined (flour is ground into a fine powder) grain products problematic while sprouted grains are not?

I investigated eating ‘sprouted’ living organic grains by ‘Food for Life®’ giving it one last try. To my surprise, I have been ‘feeling’ fine. Why would this be when I had problems with ‘refined’ grains? I would ‘theorize’ it’s because grain ground into a fine powder is no longer alive and that sprouted grains still have their living essence intact.

‘Furthermore, sprouted grain contain less gluten. Therefore, if you happen to be a gluten-sensitive individual you may be able to eat ‘sprouted grain’, and not regular flour grain products. Unfortunately, sprouted bread is not recommended for patients with Celiac disease or to those who have an allergic reaction to gluten’ ~ your author

Tor getting the most nutrition out of your plant based whole food, research has proven the less one cooks his vegetables, the more nutritious they are.

‘In conclusion, the current study clearly shows that nutrient and health-promoting compounds in broccoli are significantly affected by domestic cooking. All cooking treatments, except steaming, caused great losses of chlorophyll and vitamin C. Only boiling and stir-frying/boiling caused the loss of total carotenoids. All cooking treatments caused significant decreases of total soluble proteins and soluble sugars while steaming obtained the best retention [2 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2722699/]’.

*Eating grain products isn’t for everyone. For example, their bread and cereal have ‘malted barley’ a sweetener (sugar) which I am still evaluating. Although, I do eat their corn and whole grain tortillas. If you are concerned about your teeth and cavities, be sure to read this page about grain.

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Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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