USDA My Plate: Daily Nutrition Guidelines for Vegetarians?

Although, I am not a professional health researcher, doctor or scientist, I back up what I say with citations often from the NIH, but not always. There are other government agencies I go to validating in my own mind the facts and non-facts that are spreading around the internet. Furthermore, I don’t want to contribute more misinformation.

Anyway, I got a comment from a gentleman who has his doubts about believing the USDA My Plate recommendations. So, like he and I, you should also think for yourself and do your own research into health matters. You can read the post and his comment and my response to it right, here. You might find it interesting and informative.

Nevertheless, I continue to suggest throughout posts of my website downloading a PDF document of your own My Plate Plan. Why? Because I believe it to be a fairly accurate guideline as to daily calorie requirements, exercise and nutrition one needs. I don’t believe anything devised by man is perfect, but it’s good to have at least a basic guideline to follow. And, if you don’t eat things like meat and dairy, they suggest alternates.

‘You see, I am biased. I am a vegetarian and believe eating plant based whole food helps you lose weight, get healthier and live longer. This has been proven fact’ ~ your author

So, when you read my posts, drop down to the bottom of my pages copy and paste and visit my sources I use. I do try to scan for potential conflict of interest funding. There are more and more doctors who believe plant based whole food cures. What these physicians end up doing to make a decent living is not so much traditional medical practice; they tend to write books, give lectures and operate their own websites, selling what ethical products they must to keep food on their own tables.

My site originally began as a website sharing what I’ve learned about how to lose all the weight you want. Later, I wanted to feel healthier and figure out how to increase my time lived on this planet. I studied which people in cultures lived the longest and learned what they ate and how they lived. And, soon into it I discovered food isn’t the only secret to longevity, family life is also an extender of it.

As, there is still information about healthy eating I am not completely certain about because this field is ever expanding, I still write pages to explore and examine. I have written over 500 posts so far, and one example of my uncertainty is whether or not to continue eating grain products.

To conclude, my sources of information come from many government agencies and sources but not limited to the NIH, CDC, FDA, USDA, NCBI,, NSF,, and

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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