Diet Tips For Seniors: Tweaking Your Diet For Weight Loss, Health And Longer Life

As we get older we need to change our young person eating habits. We have to realize we don’t have fourteen year old bodies anymore and it simply won’t let us get away with eating a bunch of junk like it used to.

A years ago I weighed over two hundred pounds. No energy and always felt lousy. In high school I weighed about 158. It took a year of diet trial and error, but I finally did lose my 50 lbs..

Choosing Healthy Meals As You Get Older

Making healthy food choices is a smart thing to do—no matter how old you are! Your body changes through your 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond [1]’.

If you have a big stomach, it’s a good idea to lose it because it’s a sign you could have a heart attack. Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that surrounds organs in the stomach area. The expression ‘the fat you eat is the fat you are gonna wear’ is very true.

Calories for fat are about twice that of carbs. So, if you want to lose the fat, increase your carbs, but eat the good carbs. Get ready to clear out unhealthy snack and junk food from your cupboards.

We get set in our ways, but do we want to suffer some disease, ailment or condition? Let’s take steps now to avoid it. It’s never too late to learn which foods are best to eat and not.

Beginning suggestions 

  • Eat more salads
  • Stop eating animal products
  • If you eat grain, switch over to sprouted
  • Stop eating out, cook your food at home. Then, you know what’s in it
  • Eat more fruit, not sugary sweets like candy
  • Get away from snack and junk foods like chips, cookies, ice cream, candy, soft drinks, etc.
  • Stop eating TV dinners, prepared and refined foods
  • Eat a very low fat diet, which means don’t cook with oil, eat fried food or drizzle oil on your salads
  • Stop eating out and cook all your food from scratch. It’s the only way to control what’s in the food you eat
  • Change your life and eat more plant based whole food. It’s alive, you will likely lose weight, get healthier and live longer. This has been ‘proven true’ through research

Old habits do die hard. Therefore, it will take some time to become a convert. But, this way of eating is actually a lifestyle change more than it is a diet. What I eat is plant based whole food. It’s living food. Some is raw, some is cooked. But, I don’t cook the heck out of everything. For example, with broccoli, I steam it lightly and it is still kind of crunchy.

If you are still going to eat your cereal, try eating sprouted cereal. There is a sprouted cereal ‘Food for life’ makes. See, here. But, watch the sugar, even honey you put on it. It’s really easy to over sugar because cereal without sweetener is bland. Stevia is a natural choice to try. Change using milk, try either soy or almond milk. I don’t eat rice or drink rice milk anymore because of the arsenic.

*Unfortunately, the evidence doesn’t look too good in favor of eating grain. Furthermore, grain is still grain whether it’s ground into a powder, whole or sprouted, organic or non-GMO. So, if you do have a sensitivity to one grain, you may have a sensitivity to others, if not all of them like I think I may. Your doctor can test you.

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Website Title National Institute on Aging
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Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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