An Old Dog With Incontenence: How To Save Money On Diapers

I tried all kinds of pet diapers from the major pet suppliers. But, they really got to be expensive. So, I looked for ways to save money on them. I’ve tried to make diapers out of bed wetting pads and baby diapers. But, finally I figured out something that worked. It’s not perfect, but it is cheaper and doesn’t leak.

You have to measure your pet’s waist to be sure. And, you have to cut a hole in this for its tail to poke through. You can use either men’s or women’s incontinence underwear. My pet’s waist runs about 28″, so I buy the small to medium size that fits waists that are 28″ to 40″. They stretch a lot. I am sure they would carry these at your store, too. I don’t buy the more expensive name brand, just the store name brand ‘X’.

I can’t tell the difference between the men’s and women’s underwear except for the design and color. This underwear costs about $10 for 20 and at the pet store the diapers cost about $33 for 30.

My dear old Bubba uses over 5 a day, so you can see it will save you money if your pet goes through a similar amount of underwear. I am just passing on a helpful money saving hint. It works for me. I put what I call dog pants on him too that helps retain the underwear on him. It has two Velcro straps. These you will find at your local pet supply store.

If you have a small dog, you could probably use toddler potty training pants if you are familiar with the sizes. If you got a small enough size, it should fit your pet. Then, cut a hole for the tail and you should be in business.

Note- check with your vet about your pet’s incontinence.

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