Alternative Treatments For Old Dogs: Do They Work Or Are They Quackery?

alternative medicine for dogs

I know my dog has Hip Dysplasia, although I haven’t gotten a diagnosis by a vet. He began having trouble walking, but then one day I had to help him up to go to the bathroom outside. Then, it got worse.

He wears diapers because of incontinence. I don’t know how I happened upon it, but out of the love for my dog, in desperation, I found something made by ‘Nzymes’ on the internet made from sprouted soy that helped him somewhat.

nzymes powder
Photo courtesy of Nzymes sprouted granules

You might want to give it a try if your vet can no longer help your dog and are looking for alternative treatment. Personally, I don’t have much faith in any medical establishment being they are all businesses and their profit has to come first otherwise they won’t stay in business. I ‘fired’ my old vet because he agreed on one price, then doubled it because he brought another doctor in.

‘Now, what I do is think for myself and do my own research. I can read just like a doctor can. And, if I don’t understand the word, that’s what they make dictionaries for’ ~ your author

‘Nzymes’ powder used to be made for humans too, but the FDA said no to this ‘raw’ product for people. Yet, from what I’ve heard, customers have used this pet product to put in their smoothie! So, that’s exactly what we are doing everyday. My wife and I feel there’s a benefit. We use one teaspoon to make two smoothies.

‘For my dog’s weight, I sprinkle 1/2 a teaspoon in each of two of his three daily meals. I can’t explain exactly how, but it did seem to help him somewhat’ ~ your author

I read many people’s feedback about their pet’s recovery. I was willing to do just about anything to help my dog even taking a chance on some potential rip off ‘hokey’ product.

Bubba is far from being totally healed. I have to keep watching to see what happens. He also has had what seems to me, a very bad ongoing sinus infection.

‘I was wondering what else could go wrong with him besides his hip dysplasia. If you really love your animals a lot, this will stress you out to the max’ ~ your author

Through my own research on the internet ‘weeding’ through this and that and the other, the Nzymes powder seemed to help my dog walk better. Although, I can’t prove it, it may have helped but to what degree I am not certain about.

But, he also has a sinus infection that was very bad until recently. But, now, it seems it’s healing or at least improving and I don’t know exactly what I’ve done that has helped him.

‘I have added some things to his diet such as a tums for calcium, raw honey with garlic, a fish oil caplet, the Nzymes powder and one cooked egg a day’ ~ your author

Sorry, but I don’t trust most vets even human doctors much anymore. So, now, I do my own research into alternative treatments and medicine. Some readers may not agree with my approach, but it’s what I have decided to do nowadays.

‘I sprayed Spectracide® in my front and backyard to get rid of Dandelions. I am sorry I did the back because my dog uses the grass. I don’t know if there is a connection between the poison and his nose. Probably just a coincidence’ ~ your author

But, sometimes sinus infections are caused by a tooth abscess, of which he does have some bad teeth. I have had some pulled in the past, but because he is so old, I don’t want to take the chance of him dying on the operating table because of the anesthesia.

You might want to take a look at these three free PDF’s below I got from a non-traditional DVM on the internet. His name is Dr. Jones from Canada.

I got the idea of applying raw honey and garlic on my dog’s nose from him, which seemed to be a factor which appears to still be helping. Here’s a link to the video about the ointment concoction I put on his nose, here.

3 free PDF reports from Dr. Jones DVM you might find useful you can download…




I haven’t used his product yet, but I might. If you try it before me, let me know how it works. Take a look at Dr. Jones ultimate canine health formula

Dr. Jones ultimate canine health formula
Photo courtesy of Dr. Jones DVM


Note- consult your vet before you change your pet’s diet or give them a supplement. I have no financial interest and make no money off any of the products mentioned above.


9 thoughts on “Alternative Treatments For Old Dogs: Do They Work Or Are They Quackery?

      1. We nursed along our much beloved Golden Retriever, Paris. It is a special act of kindness to care for an ailing aged animal. We provided palliative care to our beloved pet at home. We are now, after a year, thinking of adopting another Golden Retriever pup. 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it takes a fellow dog lover to understand the special friendship between humans and their dogs. As our Golden Retriever got weaker, I spent time with her telling her what a good dog she was and reminded her of when we went blueberry picking and she saw a moose. Thanks for being a caring pet owner.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I would have never dreamt in my younger days I’d come to love a dog this much. I know he won’t live forever and I know after he’s gone I will never be the same. I know that day’s coming. I think I will just have to go on and learn to live with a broken heart. I had another pet and never got over it. It’s just that as time goes on the memory of it dims more and more and you will always sorely miss them. It never leaves you. I know there’s nothing one can do about it. Everyone’s different when they lose a pet, but with me, he’s like a son. He’s family. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had in this life. But, at least now I can understand another’s grief when their pet departs from this world. It’s really terrible. I don’t know any other way how to say it or to understand it. It’s a sad part of life that’s here to stay we are forced to endure alone within ourselves. It’s like no one can help soothe me no matter what they say and do. That’s kinda how it is for me.


      3. Yes, for sure, I can identify so much on this. The grief is always there. That is why caring for an aging pet is a beautiful act of love. I learned so much from our dog. Especially how happy she was to see me. I now copy this behaviour, and show my loved ones every time I see them that I am happy to see them !
        When Paris, our dog got very ill , we kept her comfortable, and warm, and placed her toys near her. And we kept telling her we loved her. She understood. Having a beloved pet is a great gift to us.

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