Who Do We Trust About What’s Healthy To Eat, Losing Weight And Living Longer?

This is a big question. Although, it seems everybody is motivated by money. Let’s assume someone wants to market their product. Are they going to tell you the bad things about it if there are any bad things? They will tell you the good and be silent about the rest…

It’s interesting as you watch TV, pharmaceutical commercials often follow fast food hamburgers and pizzas. They certainly aren’t going to tell you their food causes ailments, conditions and disease. They want to make a profit and have you buy their stuff.

Everyone wants to sell you something and the media is going to help them. After all, why shouldn’t they? They make millions off advertisers. So, do you trust the mainstream media cares about you and has your best interests in mind?

I will give you an example. They say whole wheat bread is good for you. They also say wine is. If I eat bread and have a glass of wine, I will have rheumatoid arthritis symptoms the next day. So, are these two good for me?

‘We don’t need to join a health spa to exercise or buy their food delivered to our door. It has been proven through research plant based whole food will make you lose weight, get healthier and live longer’ ~ your author

No matter what any authority says, you are the one who has to live inside your own body. If you are in pain, there is a cause. Possibly, it comes down to the food we are eating. When you take away the cause, the problem should heal itself up.

Interestingly enough, medication commercials divulge bad effects about their pills. For example, it might suppress one symptom, yet cause ten other things potentially harmful to your health.

How could they ever get a medication on the market when it may cause any harm? They don’t permit this in Europe, only here in the US. So, who’s looking after us?

It appears pharmaceutical companies make so much money they can sell a medication even though they fight court battles paying millions in class action lawsuits.

Sadly, I believe after lawyers take their share of settlement money, those who suffer are not compensated enough for trusting a medication.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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