Potato Bowl With Red Bell Pepper And Onion Recipe

I like eating everything in one bowl. Easy cleanup. I use one fry pan to cook this dish. I like easy, and this is just that. Any meal that has fried potatoes is a hit with me and if you like potatoes, you will love this recipe as much as I do.

Here’s how I do my Potato Bowl With Red Bell Pepper And Onion Recipe

  •  I peel and cut up three medium sized potatoes
  •  I fry them (using no oil) until they are browned, usually for about 15-20 minutes turning them over about four or five times
  •  Put the lid on, preferably a glass one so you can see how it’s doing as you cook
  •  In the meantime when it’s still cooking, I slice half an onion, red bell pepper, pour 1/2 cup corn on a paper plate, with same amount pinto beans adding a generous slice of cubed tofu
  •  I wait until the potatoes are done, push them to the outside of my 12″ pan, then I pour the mixture in the clearing I’ve made in the middle
  •  I cook these occasionally tossing them for about five minutes
  •  If you want to shake garlic powder or another spice, go ahead, now’s the time to do it
  •  This is probably enough for two, maybe more, but I eat all of it all by myself!
  •  Once you dish what you want in your big bowl, squeeze lemon on top
  •  Salt and pepper to taste
  •  Use green tomatillo salsa where the beans landed
  •  This meal will keep you going for hours and is very satisfying!
  •  I guarantee it!

Although, I haven’t mentioned it on this post until now, I buy mostly all organic non-GMO fruits and vegetables to eat. I think that’s a good idea. But, if your store doesn’t have them, use what they stock. It’s better eating non-organic plant based whole food rather than none at all.

And, lastly, you never have to count calories ever again, so long as you continue eating plant based whole food. You will not only lose weight eating all you want, you will get healthier and likely live longer.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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