Why They Don’t Teach Healthy Eating On TV

When young you know you have a lot of time left. As you get older, at least for me, time becomes more precious. If you’ve experienced pain and you learn it was caused by food, your menu choices diminish. But, in a way, you get more when you decide to go vegetarian.

‘You might have to become a little more inventive and do some detective work, but your weight and health will thank you. You will likely live longer due to eating less like most Americans traditionally do’ ~ your author

Example: A fast lunch by driving through the window grabbing a quick burger and fries… Consuming this much grease will cause our older bodies to eventually rebel with a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, stroke or leave us with some other ailment, condition or disease.

You might not feel good and not know why. Food and drink affects mood. When I used to drink as much coffee as I wanted, one day my heart started racing for a few minutes. I thought I was having a heart attack in my early forties. Coffee evoked a feeling of impending doom. Yet, I found decades later, Japanese green tea does not do that.

I didn’t really get serious about what I was eating until my fifties. Until recently, I hadn’t made the connection between food and health completing my healthiest menu. My journey began after I healed two weeks later from a ruptured appendix in my early thirties. Unfortunately, once I began feeling better my motivation fizzled out.

‘The only information I knew to listen to was what the mainstream media on TV told me repeating over and over again. For example, they told me whole wheat bread was good. But, these days you hear the bad about wheat gluten’ ~ your author

They also said low fat dairy was good. Also, that virgin olive oil was healthy and so many alcoholic drinks were OK each day. They kept parroting low fat low carb was healthier.  But, they added more sugar to compensate for lack of taste. I don’t think adding more sugar makes food healthier.

The mainstream media makes money helping advertisers sell their bread, dairy and olive oil, etc.. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy as much as there’s a lot of money in advertising burgers and pizza. It’s what most of us want to eat. We worry about the health consequences later when they happen. Responsibility for our health is left to the doctors.

‘From time to time, a healthy eating program pops up on one of the PBS stations. Although, you don’t have burger commercials pushed in your face every five minutes, they do ask you for donations every so often trying to sell you the health lecturer’s books and videos’ ~ your author

This is what I do… First, I listen closely to how my body reacts to food I eat. Second, I research health matters on my own. We must learn to weed out fact from hearsay. Although, as far as I know, there is no big money salad lobby. But, big burger stands stronger than ever.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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