Can Devitalized Food Like White Flour Maintain A Healthy Body?

One example of devitalized food that comes to mind is white flour. It is said to be lifeless, devoid of life. So, how can we eat that and give our living cells the nutrition it needs?

‘It stands to reason it is better eating food that’s alive rather than dead like white flour powder. Furthermore, meat, fish, chicken and other animal products are from a dead animal’ ~ your author

There’s a doctor who influenced me decades ago about eating living food avoiding that which was lacking living essence. His name was Dr. Norman Walker. You may or may not have heard of him, but it has been said he may have lived to about 100 years of age.

‘He invented a machine which pulverized fruits and vegetables and pressed its fiber with great pressure extracting more vital nutrients than any other juicing machine on the market’ ~ your author

I am not certain, but Dr. Walker’s books may be in the public domain. I downloaded a couple free PDF documents I found on the internet recently, although in the past I have studied and read his books because I had purchased them. You might be interested in clinking on each link below for further research.

‘Never overlook the fact that baking requires several times more heat than that of 130°F which is sufficient to destroy the enzymes. Nevertheless, there are people who think they need some bread and if they will limit their yearning to stone ground whole wheat or rye bread, and not more than one or two slices at a meal, occasionally, it may not do very much harm. But some raw vegetable or non-acid fruit should be eaten during the meal, even if it is simply one or two stalks of celery or some similar vegetable [1 Book Title The natural way to vibrant health by Dr. Norman Walker, page 38 chapter 14 White Flour – The Staff of Death]’.

I have written posts about grain. I have also tested myself unscientifically taking notes on how it made me feel, to ease my doubts about eating it. Unfortunately, recently, I have come to the conclusion we may not have been designed to eat grain whether it be refined or intact (whole.)

You might be surprised how large a portion of our diet is comprised of grain products. Therefore, there will be a large void in your diet to fill once you decide to give it all up. What I do is simply eat potatoes, beans and tofu. And, if you get a sweet tooth at night, just eat fruit, not a bowl of cereal or oatmeal.

‘Emphasis should be made that this fact applies to starch foods and products which have been subjected to heat in excess of 125°F. Excessive heat destroys the enzymes without which the cells and tissues of the body cannot be nourished and regenerated.

This applies to all foods and more particularly to starchy foods because in this day and generation starch has become the preeminent item in the food of the majority of civilized people.

The process which starts the breaking down of the starch molecules begins with the saliva in the mouth. The chemical process continues through the liver and the pancreas. It is when the final breakdown of the starch molecules reaches the tiny blood capillaries to transfer the end product of the broken-down starch molecule to the cells, that the real trouble begins.

The cooked product is lifeless. It has the tendency to clog up the microscopic capillaries leaving the expectant live cells and tissues to starve at the outlet of the capillaries [2 Vegetarian guide to diet and salad by Dr. Norman Walker, page 29 BREADS, CEREALS, CAKES and other Starches]’.

Grain, I currently believe could be more suitable for the birds, horses, cows, pigs and the like, instead of for us humans. I have tried all types of grain, be they organic, non-GMO, even sprouted.

For example, I ceased eating rice because it has arsenic. Read the reasons why I stopped eating all grain. There are so many things potentially unhealthful about grain, you may consider doing the same after reading my article.

Source- 1 Book Title The natural way to vibrant health
Book Publisher Norwalk Press
Publication Year 2009

2 Book Title Vegetarian guide to diet and salad
Book Publisher Norwalk Press,u.s.
Publication Year 2008

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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