Was Man Meant To Eat Seeds, Nuts And Grain? Let’s Ask Mother Nature!

If you care about your state of health, you would also care about which foods you should eat. Most people like to eat what tastes good. But, can we always rely on that when we were brought up eating man made food? Most of that is refined and processed.

‘It has been proven through research a plant based whole food diet is healthiest’ ~ your author

Men and women were ‘wired’ differently and each has to live in accordance with their own nature. Just the same, it seems most animals naturally know what to eat. We don’t have to tell them.

When my pets grew older and weren’t doing so good on their dog and cat food, I did some research and found out that grain wasn’t what they were supposed to eat. Also, animal by-products weren’t good for them, either. So, I changed the cat food one of my cats was eating to another and he got well and lived another three years because of it.

I decided to make food for my dog, too. I prepare everything from scratch and add certain supplements. He is doing as well as can be. He is an old dog, but it still helps to feed him as close as one can to what he would eat in nature. While cats eat mainly meat, dogs are omnivorous.

‘But, one has to be careful about the amount of protein he gives his pets. When they get older, their system can only handle so much of it and you therefore have to reduce it for them to thrive. I believe this is as true for us humans, too’ ~ your author

So, how are we supposed to eat? I know birds eat seeds and cows eat grain and apes who are genetically close to humans eat largely fruit and seem to do very well.

I love feeding the wild birds seeds in my own backyard in feeders I bought. I really love nature and enjoy watching the birds having a feast and then bathing in my bird bath.

I tested myself for months eating grain and seeds concluding they weren’t my best food. I therefore stopped eating all grain refined, whole and sprouted.

‘In the past, it was impossible to tell which food was doing what to me because I ate so many things that could have been causing inflammation and allergic reactions’ ~ your author

My health continues to be good, my weight is automatically maintained and feel I will be on this earth for many more years to come because I not only changed the food I eat but also my lifestyle. I have had no trouble as long as I stick to eating fruits and vegetables.

I basically eat potatoes, beans, tofu, berries, lightly steamed broccoli and lots of green salad. My daily diet is low in fat and protein and medium in complex and simple carbs. I eat absolutely no grain, that means also no rice. So far, so good. Here’s my take on what a healthy diet actually is, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change you diet.


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