The Rice Diet Which Brought Miraculous Health Results

In previous posts, I came to the conclusion not to eat rice anymore because it contained arsenic. But, further research into the subject of eating rice revealed proven benefits for those who are obese, have high blood pressure, reduced kidney function and enlarged hearts.

Patients were hospitalized for weeks in the beginning of the diet treatment. This way of eating apparently brought dramatic improvements in health to many patients. Nevertheless, much controversy still remains decades after the rice diet’s creation in 1939 by Dr. Walter Kempner [1]’.

‘When I was eating lots of rice, I asked myself this question: Is consuming any amount of arsenic no matter how small an amount safe and a good thing? After months of going back and forth whether or not to eat rice, I had to finally say no. It went even further than that. I had to say no to eating all grain, even organic, non-GMO and sprouted’ ~ your author

In the beginning, the diet is a combination of white rice, fruit and juice, sugar and certain supplements. However, when the patient’s health improved at some point particular vegetables and lean meats could be introduced. But, if there were any adverse changes in health, the stricter rice diet would immediately be reintroduced.

‘Treatment of massive obesity with rice/reduction diet program. An analysis of 106 patients with at least a 45-kg weight loss.

This study demonstrates that massively obese persons can achieve marked weight reduction, even normalization of weight, without hospitalization, surgery, or pharmacologic intervention. Accompanying cardiovascular risk factors show great decrements concomitant with weight loss [2]’.

To conclude, a plant based whole food diet has been proven to improve ones own health in general. It is a way of eating which is low fat, low protein, high in simple and complex carbohydrates loaded with naturally balanced vitamins and minerals. People in cultures who eat this way most often are trimmer, healthier and live the longest.

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Note- before you change your diet, consult your doctor.



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