Resisting The Urge Eating Unhealthy In A World Of Bad Food Temptation

Things happen in life. In other words, life can really be stressful and overwhelming. For example, I had to euthanize my dog. And, after that I didn’t care what food I ate. It happened a few days ago, and I know I eventually have to get back on tract.

I am totally devastated and my gut feels like it’s inside out tied in a knot. The pain simply won’t go away. I am grieving and who knows how long that will be. Maybe, the rest of my life, I don’t know. I think some things just like this you never quite get over. I loved my Bubba more than anything in life. And, now he’s gone…

I find we are eating out at a certain fast food establishment lately, and now I am having a few drinks to help me cope. The experience devastated me. I was with the euthanasia doctor and his assistant in our own house through the whole thing from start to finish. I couldn’t live with myself hadn’t I been with my faithful companion, my best devoted friend. My heart is totally broken and my world has turned dark.

The last thing on my mind is my health and diet, at least for now. But, my point here is that no one is perfect. And, we slip for a variety of reasons. So, all one can do is get back on tract as soon as he is able to. During times of crisis, food and drink can help sooth the pain, but it really doesn’t. Not really. Maybe, only temporary.

‘He was my everything. He ate with me, slept with me, was with me all day and was there as my buddy to even watch TV. I was fortunate he lived fifteen years. I guess in dog years that made him about 105 years old. He made centenarian status, likely because I made his food from scratch and stopped feeding him the commercial food with all the animal byproducts and other bad ingredients. But, my house feels empty, I feel empty, his passing has changed me as a person forever. I am no longer the same man I was’ ~ your author

We all have to live within these bodies of ours and can try to run away, but you can never run away from you. You are always right there where you are. What is helping me is I am making sure I keep physically busy, although writing posts like this keeps me mentally fit. I work out in my garage with weights daily, do calisthenics and do just about everything around the house to keep things fixed and running.

I have been taking care of my poor doggie now for about seven months. He had many health complications. He needed help and assistance in just about every way. And, I would be honored to take care of him once again if I had it to do all over. It was a 24/7 job, but that’s what we do for those we love.

We do anything for them to comfort them until the very end. I love my dog Bubba like no other and always will. I will miss him in the extreme, but I know I will be with him someday, and that is a comfort in itself. So, a little Taco Bell and some booze isn’t going to hurt me nearly as much as losing my one and only best friend in the world I ever had.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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