The Diet And Weight Loss Resolution Solution

The media and the popular books have changed the way people view diet and weight loss. In the recent past low fat diets were said to be the way to weight loss. There were also the high protein diets and low carb diets. Every time you look around, there’s a new fad diet popping up. But, what about health?

I have found a healthy weight is essential to maintaining good health. And, that it matters what you eat and how much. I consciously try to eat a little bit less than stuffing myself. I like to feel full, but I feel it better to not over fill yourself. In other words, eat until full, but don’t over do it.

‘Enough solid evidence now exists to offer women several fundamental strategies for healthy eating. They include emphasizing healthful unsaturated fats, whole grains, good protein “packages,” and fruits and vegetables; limiting consumption of trans and saturated fats, highly refined grains, and sugary beverages; and taking a multivitamin with folic acid and extra vitamin D as a nutritional safety net [1]’.

Our health task is to learn the difference between good and bad foods. We know if one takes in fewer calories than he burns up, he will most likely lose weight. As I’ve learned personally, weight loss is healthier and permanent when lost slower. It took me a year to lose 50 pounds. Since then, my High School weight remains in tact.

As a financial bonus, when you eat healthier, your food bill goes down. It’s more expensive to eat out instead of eating at home. Most of us don’t have time to devote to preparing meals because we work all day.

‘Once you find things you love eating, you can make them in advance. Personally, I believe weight loss, health and longevity is the result of eating simply, then repeating your menu’ ~ your author

On this site, I have recipes I eat all the time. Within, there should be something you’d like. People who eat whole foods like whole grains, fruit and vegetables are trim, healthy and live the longest. Mimic the lifestyle model of those who are healthiest, and you should reap similar benefits.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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