Weight Loss Diet: What Exactly Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

Even though I am a self educated layman in terms of health, longevity and weight loss, I can say through my own experience and trial and error that how I eat is a weight loss diet.

It took me about a year to lose 50 pounds because I had my ups and downs. But, I came through it all and succeeded once I learned what to eat and not. There were other health benefits, not just weight loss from over 200 pounds down to 158 (my high school weight.)

Weight Loss Diet: What Exactly Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

  • Breakfast: Fried organic Russet potatoes (no oil) with beans, onions, mushrooms, tofu and hot sauce
  • I make a pot of my favorite Japanese green tea to drink during each day
  • Black berries and red grapes
  • Lunch: Bean and rice burrito with chopped green lettuce or a salad on the side with tahini dressing
  • We drink a green smoothie
  • Dinner:  We cook shish kabobs a couple times during the week. I use mushrooms, red onion, pineapple, green bell pepper. My wife likes chicken on hers
  • We steam broccoli and I either eat it with rice or put it in another burrito
  • Lately, I have been using flour and corn tortillas and also soy crumbles as a substitute for meat like hamburger

During my weight loss, my blood pressure also went way down. And, since I am active around the house like doing my own house repairs and yard work and do work out moderately with weights, I can say I am in pretty good shape physically.

I believe I have finally figured out what to eat for best health and permanent weight loss. I also feel my diet mimics other cultures in which their seniors live the longest and healthiest lives. You want to stay out of the hospital because statistics prove doctors are one of the leading causes of death.

‘Preventable adverse events are a leading cause of death in the United States. When extrapolated to the over 33.6 million admissions to U.S. hospitals in 1997, the results of these two studies imply that at least 44,000 and perhaps as many as 98,000 Americans die in hospitals each year as a result of medical errors [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK225187/]’.

I eat simple food and repeat what I like to eat. For example, I love potatoes. I also like rice. But, I get organic russets and Basmati white rice that is known to have less arsenic.

On another page, I tell you all the food I eat and why I do it. Along the way in losing my fifty pounds, I learned a few things about health and longevity I share with you throughout my site.

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Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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