Changing Your Life Is As Easy As Changing How You Think: What Worked For Me…

At bare minimum, by default, we all know at least a few things that are healthy to eat. But, it’s if we have decided to eat them or not that may save our health. Old eating habits are hard to break and are ingrained deep, just like old negative thinking patterns.

I would guess most people don’t change. It’s because they either don’t want to or might not know how. They may even believe they are fine the way they are. And, that’s OK. But, what if they feel like they are victims?

‘Try meditation by focusing on that part of your awareness or consciousness which is telling you, ‘I Am’. And, stay within that…’ ~ your author

If we feel we are the victims of whatever, how do we escape? We all can learn how to choose our own thoughts carefully, but we must remain conscious in order to consistently do so. And, it takes time to turn things around.

‘As a victim, we have built our own prison cell in which changing our thoughts is the key which will unlock the door to set us free’ ~ your author

We may drive and talk on our cell phones and wonder how we got to work. So many things we seem to do on automatic pilot without awareness or recollection. But, if we aren’t happy with ourselves and wish to be different, how would one even begin to change?

‘Take a day to listen how you talk to yourself. Is it positive or negative? Would you talk to another like you talk to you? If not, it’s time to look in the mirror and tell yourself something good’ ~ your author

There is much to be said about believing ‘I am’ this or that. Because we believe something true, it becomes real, at least for us. Yet, people will likely see us exactly the way we see ourselves.

‘Choose your thoughts wisely because they may soon own you. And, be careful for things you wish for, because you may not put them back’ ~ your author

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. If you have mental and/or emotional issues, you may wish to seek counseling from a marriage and family counselor.


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