Want To Be ‘Fit For Life’? What I Found…

Again, where does one go to get the right information on weight loss, improving ones health and living longer? It’s anyone’s guess. There are many sources that claim they have all the answers, but be sure to take a look at what you think is motivating them. Are they a big company and what are they trying to sell you?

I have read thousands of pages and watched endless videos and lectures about health and have learned a great amount of things. But, over the years, my memory has been polluted by misinformation as well as has the general public. When people are making money at selling you something, let the buyer beware!

For me, the best decision I ever made was going vegetarian. But, I am a specific type of one. Many unhealthful foods qualify as being vegetarian (like chips and a soft drink) and if you choose to be vegetarian or vegan, you should know which ones are healthful and not.

‘Always verify the source of health information you hear. When someone says something about weight loss on TV, what’s their motivation? What are they trying to sell you… Is it their book or processed food delivered to your door’? ~ your author

I eat plant based whole food. This is different than snack and junk food. It’s also different from refined and processed food. What I eat are fruits and vegetables which are intact. I don’t cook them too much, either. For example, I eat steamed broccoli, but I cook it at a minimum. In other words, the broccoli is still firm and not too soft.

Other examples of bad food to avoid is sugar and oils. Although, they say olive oil is healthy, it is not. They also say Salmon is good for you. Not so.

Take a look at the weight loss food they try to sell you on TV. Do you think that’s real food? It’s not. Personally, I wouldn’t want to lose weight at the expense of my health. I think you will feel the same way or you wouldn’t be here right now.

When you eat the majority of your food intact as plant based whole food, your world changes. I am speaking from my own experience. You not only lose weight down to your natural healthy weight you are supposed to be at, you begin feeling better. And, like those in cultures who eat mostly plant based whole food, you will likely live as long as they do. How I eat, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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