Why Eat These With Those And Not With That?

In my twenties, I found I got heart burn after eating meat with potatoes. And, then there was the Sunday greasy breakfast of pancakes or waffles with butter and syrup, hash browns, sausage, bacon and egg and cheese omelette. I am surprised I survived to a ripe old age through all the abuse of my body from gallons of bad cholesterol…

In my thirties, I learned that when you wake up until about noon time is when your body wants to eliminate wastes. This was the decade I got my ‘ruptured appendix’.

‘Fruits and vegetables are high water content foods, which we should be eating for optimal health. But, with concentrated foods, water content is lower because of processing or cooking’ ~ your author

Toxic waste has to be regularly removed from your body to maintain a healthy metabolic balance. High water content food like fruits and vegetables can help keep one regular.

‘Plant based whole food tends to be alkaline, promoting instead of harming good health’ ~ your author

If you just have to have your animal products, don’t mix a protein with another protein or with starch and don’t mix different starchy foods together. From my own experience, these food combinations will most often grind digestion nearly to a halt.

Food can sit in the stomach for hours fermenting and putrefying, depending upon how much in what combination you eat. If you are hooked on meat, be sure to eat it with a salad or have your salad with a baked potato. Finally, fruit is essentially predigested, but should be eaten strictly by itself.

‘I don’t drink water or any liquid with a meal because it tends to dilute the stomach acid which tends to prolong the digestive process’ ~ your author

To conclude, I believe it matters which foods one eats in combination with others when he doesn’t eat a plant based whole food diet. For example, I lost 50 pounds in a year, I feel better, I know I am much healthier, my blood pressure went way down, I weigh my high school weight and I will likely live longer than I would have eating the way most of us Americans eat.

‘Oatmeal is acidic and caused me acid reflux’ ~ your author

It’s easy to eat simple foods everyday like beans, salsa, potatoes, rice, onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms, large 5 leaf salads, berries and a green smoothie. These vegetarian foods brought me all the healthful results I have enjoyed for the last 10 years.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.



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