My Secret To How I Lost 50 Pounds And Got Healthier Eating More…

The truth is that if we are not willing to change our eating habits, things will remain the same. We need a motivational factor in our lives to change making bad food choices.

Maybe, I can help in choosing the right food to eat. After all, I know how to lose 50 pounds, because I’ve done it. I also haven’t gained a single pound back. I learned soon into changing how I ate that I not only lost pounds, but began feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.

To every outcome in life, there is a cause for everything that happens to us. For example, if we think negatively, we essentially are planting a seed which blossoms eventually. We might think others have control over our lives, but do they really?

How I lost 50 pounds…

  • I ate plant based whole food which is low calorie and high in fiber
  • This is food like large green salads, lightly steamed broccoli, beans and rice and fruit like berries
  • I cut out snack and junk food
  • I ceased eating refined grain products like bread, tortillas, crackers and cookies, etc.

We forget about our past poor thinking habits which created the current bad situation or circumstance. We may feel it is fate, but is it? It’s very easy to forget random negative thoughts even from yesterday.

For example, many of us when discouraged may have said to ourselves… ‘I have always been heavy and will never lose weight’! Saying it like that can quickly turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. Negative thinking patterns can cause us to feel depressed forcing us to eat wrong foods that will temporarily soothe us which will only tend to compound our weight problem.

‘The secret to losing 50 pounds in a year was the food on my plate’ ~ your author

Have you noticed positive people also have bad things happen to them, but somehow they seem to break free much sooner. They have a positive philosophy of life and a positive outlook. We create our daily reality by our point of view. In other words, if we wake up ‘on the wrong side of the bed’ our day may not go so well.

To conclude, why not try saying this to yourself… ‘I remember when…’ and fill in the blank after with ‘I was overweight’. You can use this phrase to fill in the blank with anything you’d like and solve problems in your life. I use it all the time, simply because it always works, every single time. All about how I eat, here.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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