Tasty Nutritious Big Bowl: Fried Potatoes, Beans, Sautéed Onions And Steamed Broccoli

I made a big bowl full of potatoes, beans, onions and broccoli tonight and I’d like to share my recipe with you. I steam broccoli for my wife every night and I get any spillover.

Personally, I like everything mixed together in one bowl. I eat simply, but I make my food tasty and it’s naturally low calorie, high fiber and nutritious.

How I make my Simple Big Bowl of Potatoes, Beans, Onions And Broccoli…

  • I skin one medium large russet potato
  • Chop it up and fry it in a pan without oil
  • Then, when it browns after turning it over a couple or three times
  • I add my onions (you can also sauté red or green bell peppers, spinach and mushrooms)
  • When they are browned I pour in about a cup of beans and add the already steamed broccoli (you can also add cubed tofu and frozen peas and even corn to warm. You can add just about anything to this recipe that you like)
  • And, turn off the heat and let it set five minutes
  • I scoop out everything into my favorite big bowl
  • Squeeze lemon on top
  • Salt and pepper it
  • Add a shake or two of hot sauce

It seems I can’t let a meal go by without a potato in it. It’s either a potato or rice. But, I always prefer potato over rice. This is where I get my calories along with the beans.

You can’t live on fruits and vegetables alone, because you will always be hungry looking for empty calorie snack and junk foods to eat. But, the beans, rice and beans stick to your ribs. I never ever go hungry.

I am pretty much a vegetarian, although I do eat some meat on special occasions. I don’t strive to be perfect at this, only eat the majority of my diet as plant based whole food. In this world, it’s best for our psyche not to be a perfectionist.

We can eat healthy food, but not be too preachy or extreme about it. Best practice is to make it fun, not into a job or chore. We don’t want to scare away any potential friends appearing to be too rigid about food we eat and don’t.

If they ask why you eat the way you do, tell them your prepared rehearsed answer…. ‘I lost weight, I feel better and will likely live longer like those throughout the world who eat plant based whole food’. It’s all you have to say, because the way you look will speak for itself.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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