Great Health News for Sauerkraut Lovers…

I have always loved sauerkraut, especially on top a grilled hot dog with onions and mustard. Currently though, I don’t eat hot dogs, but still love them. I used to eat at the Wienerschnitzel®. It must have been the German in me! And, I loved the chili dogs with cheese and onions! But, they caused me an intestinal penalty later on in life.

I know everyone doesn’t like sauerkraut, but for those who do, eating it semi-regularly does have its health benefits. For example, it contains friendly bacteria the gut loves. And, apparently because it is pasteurized packaged in cans, there is less of this bacteria. I don’t know about bottles.

‘I put a fork full of sauerkraut on my green salads, because I love the sour’ ~ your author

Sauerkraut’s beneficial bacteria is named, ‘lactobacillus’. I have been buying tiny Japanese bottles with their own unique strain of bacteria. But, this drink has sugar to feed the bacteria and also dairy for some reason. I didn’t want sugar or the dairy, so I began searching the internet for an alternative source for friendly gut bacteria.

‘Sauerkraut contains a large quantity of lactic acid; vitamins A, B, C, and K; and minerals and has few calories (about 80 kJ/100g) [1]’.

I forgot sauerkraut is fermented, that in the process thereof produces this friendly bacteria, which you could call a ‘probiotic’. I didn’t want to go back to yogurt which also has ‘lactobacillus’, because it is mucus forming.

‘Sauerkraut is easily made with finely chopped cabbage layered with salt and left to ferment’ ~ your author

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Article Title Regular consumption of sauerkraut and its effect on human health: a bibliometric analysis

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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