How using your ‘Salt Shaker’ can Reduce Daily Sodium Intake…

Some of us have to watch our sodium as we get older. High blood pressure can sneak up on you without you even knowing. And, it can prove to be deadly.

Weight gain can cause our blood pressure to go up. It is best advised by the health authorities to try to keep it in check lowering sodium and bad cholesterol in ones diet. But, how can we monitor our salt intake accurately?

One, we need to know how much of what is in our food. For example, some TV dinners even though smaller portions have what I call, a whole days salt. In the citation below it reads that those with high blood pressure should limit sodium to 1500mg daily. This is easily achieved if he knows how much sodium is in his food.

‘Experts recommend that people take in less than 2,400 milligrams of sodium a day—that’s what’s in about 6 grams of salt, or about a teaspoon. People with high blood pressure should shoot for 1,500 milligrams or less—about 3.7 grams of salt. But right now, the average man in the United States takes in over 10 grams of salt per day and the average woman over 7 [1]’.

Personally, I don’t eat anything major that’s refined or processed. So, I know there is no additional sodium other than naturally present within all whole fruits, vegetables and grains I eat daily.

‘I do use pink Himalayan salt and sea salt. So, if I use the Himalayan, I use a pinch of it. When I use a shaker, I doubt I use more than half a teaspoon a day. Salt and pepper makes our food taste even more flavorful’! ~ your author

Many people consume over 3400mg of sodium a day. This is because salt is hidden within the food itself. For example, potato chips and other salty snacks have an amazing amount of salt added, as do many prepared foods and condiments.

But, salty snacks and junk food sure taste good, don’t they all? We love the salty, fatty and the sweet! It is so addicting. Furthermore, it’s a real challenge beating that tasty poor eating habit! That’s precisely why I wrote a post on how we can reduce or eliminate eating so much snack and junk food, here.

*More information and handy tips: Salt and sodium ~ 10 tips to help you cut back

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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